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Thread: Dream-come-true-A-car-that-can-run-on-water

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    Hello all,

    How nice to post the very first topic on this water fuel section!

    Yesterday I read a interesting article called Dream come true? A car that can run on water

    Apparently a Pakistan inventor has found yet another way to run a car on water. I would like to read more about his invention but haven't been able to so far, please share if you find more about this.

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    Hmmmmm, this is very interesting. I wonder how closely his work resembles that of Stanley Meyers?

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    I have years of R&D in this field but, like John I stopped sharing info because so many expect 10,000% overunity overnight. Perhaps this is a good way for many of us to share intelligent information. Looking forward to it.

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    sorry but JB did not stop sharing information. In fact he is very active in providing details to duplicate his work.

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    An interesting method I came across a year or two ago was those that were using ultrasonic humdifiers to create super tiny water droplets and then feeding that into a diesel engine for fuel. the compressien of the diesel super heated the water mist and converted it to steam to run the engine. seems like a few people had succes in doing it. I bet if a diesel was converted with a plasma igniton in place of the fuel injectors that it would have even better success of working. Anybody have a good solid disel engine sitting around to try it?. I figure it may take a good dense fog to make it work. you would need maybe 2 or three ultrasonic humdifiers or a couple of those multi tranducers pond foggers you can get at pond supply places.
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    Hello vzon17.

    The idea you read about is highly practible to a point. Unfortunately though the Diesel compression needs heat to continue its existance. It is true the steam created would drive the diesel for a period however as it cooled it would come to a stop.

    Should you wish to run the diesel for longer using a similiar principal then use the injectors to insert liquid CO2, its so senstative to heat a radiator temperature above 0*C will set all in motion, it works even better if you knock out the intake rocker and leave only the exhaust working every second not fourth stroke of the piston.

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    It is a Hoax...
    Pakistan anyway gets cheaper Gasoline..!

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    I don't really understand what is your point of this topic. Unfortunately, this kind of invention is make some attention to the people especially for those people who really wanted to have some information. But in my own thought, there is no clarification regarding on this matter.

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    Scientifically speaking, can a car engine be theoretically made which can use water as a fuel? I mean if this is technically possible because I'm sure this will never happen in real life as fuel industry is a multi-billion corporations.


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