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While I appreciate your apparent knowledge on the subject, I'm betting few people reading here will find your response clear enough for their practical use. Most of what you say here appears to be AC theory, which may be critical to the circuit overall but not in regards to "impedance matching" of the battery to the load.
Could you not put it in words something like "use the C20 rating to charge or discharge a battery"?
Please give it another try, Faraday. I'm sure many others besides myself would like to know more about Radiant energy but you need to start out on a much simpler basis.
Hi Richard,
Very well, that was a nice and wise suggestion Thank you.
Look.... i'm no expert either..because research is a continous process of learning and learning and learning!! but yes, over a period of time one certainly gains a level of expertise and know-how of the subject under ponder.
let me put it in simplest terms and give it try for every one to understand Radiant Electricity.
AC is Transverse Electromagnetic Field and DC is Longitudial Electromagnetic Field,
what Tesla found is that both these Field 'mix' to give very strange expanding Field outward that is truely Longitudial in nautre and has the immidiate aether(Vacuum of space) getting a meterialistic charateristics to it. in other words, a virtual entity becoming real and the real entity backing up this virual entity.
I recommand very one to refer his Patent on the 'methods of Conversion' which is there in PeterL's book FESCE. this is very fundamental experiment to understand what is happening. It is very clear from the Circuit that the Generator has a split function, one AC and the other DC very similar to our SSG/SG circuit. like the Battery for the DC and the Monopole Magnets doing the AC part. Peter likens a similar comparision between this conversion method and EV Gray's conversion tube in the pages following this description.
There are many variations of how the 'mix' can be capitalised for our benifit but yes if done wrongly...it can counter work to cause damage.
There have been hundered's of Inventors since Tesla's time that have put Radiant Electricity into application and understood how exactly it behaved under different conditions. the Future of this development is astounding, more because we have had parallel developments in material/ control electronics/devices ect that were not handy to the Inventor of the past including Tesla. It time we give it our best to keep the tourch lit for generations to come.
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