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Yes I realise that, it was the way the answer was stated that confused me. You are not matching the coils impedance to C20 you are building a machine that will run at the C20 rate from the primary, to charge your batteries. The individual coil impedance is going to be the same for a single machine or multi coil machine, you simply add coils as your needs grow.

Are you still running the Danny B rotored machines? He had very unique bearings.

Tom C

The last set of 3 SSG circuits running was a Fogal mod'ed circuit, and was doing really good, but the table the machine was on needed moving so the charging circuit was unhooked until i could move the other table with that set of SSG L16 charging batterys was on (heavy) So in the mean time, i had it spinning with the window motor addition, and testing various genny coils with the cap pulse charger. the primary batterys on the SSG machine table were still hooked up, but the SSG trigger switch was off so it was not running. Then some help showed up, and about that time it was time to go feed the critters, so i tell them to not touch any thing and went off to feed.... Then in the middle of feeding, they starting hollering that it was was on fire..... So i ran my butt up to see what the problem was, and when i came around the corner, smoke was boiling off of it. So i grabbed a wrench and unhooked the primary battery lead to the relay swapper system to shut it down.

one of them must have flipped the trigger ON/OFF switch and with the output unhooked it blew up, and when Golf cart batterys short out something, it burns, so that set of 3 SSG PCB's were toast.....

So at that time i was building the Green house and Aquaponics system and all my $$$ and time has been devoted to that since then, so i will get around to rebuilding the SSG PCB's, and buy some more L16 and GC's to get it all back to running real soon......