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Thread: Compiled List of Information for SSG Circuit / Bedini Monopole

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    Post Compiled List of Information for SSG Circuit / Bedini Monopole

    Hello Everyone!

    I originally posted on here a month ago or so, asking for some general advice and where to get started. The answer I got was -- 'It's all on the website'

    So I have compiled this information throughout the Amateur section for anyone who is interested in getting started. I have included certain statements from various articles and a reference section, pointing to where all this information was obtained.



    Bedini Monopole SSG – [5]
    Spool; 3” wide, 0.75” internal, 3” flange
    Bifilar Coil, 850 turns (Longer coil = slower recharge between magnet pulse [4])
    #23 gauge “Power Coil” – Red in diagram
    #26 gauge “Trigger Coil” – Blue in diagram
    Two 12 V, 12 A batteries
    Single Neon Bulb
    Grain of Wheat bulb (for model train, smallest wattage avail)
    MJL 21194 or 2N 3055 Transistor
    1N 4007 Diode
    1N 4001 Diode
    100 Ohm / 0.5 Watt resistor
    1 kOhm variable resistor
    1/16” Copper Coated Lincoln R60 (or R45 [6])
    Twisted Bi-filar Coil, 18 AWG
    Ferrite C8 “3/8 x 1 x 15/8” North Poles Out, Matched Gauss Ratings


    “you can't have an air core, because you need to charge the iron to trigger the transistors and cause rotation of the wheel” [1]

    “When current appears, most of everything is being wasted” [2]

    “Magnets are very important, No NEO magnets just because you think that is better, it's not. If you saturate the core material then to break away you must supply gobs of current in the system, if you do that you will not be able to do a COP of 1” [2]

    “as far as rotor coil distance, you have to experiment.” [2]

    "[Batteries] should be new ones ... Lead acid battery not sealed battery ...sealed battery take much more time and energy to get running" [6]

    "MJL 21194 is better, higher radiant spikes, better COP!" [6]

    "I've tried a steel wheel and an aluminum wheel...the only difference I noticed was "noise" when I hooked up my o-scope all kinds of weird noise could be seen on the monitor. [With] aluminum, it was a much cleaner signal, but the wheel speed didn't change." [6]

    [6] Comments from users below in reply to this post

    ----- -----


    1. The crucial ingredients seem to be the inductor/electromagnet coils, magnets, and welding rod core. What effect do each of these elements on the system?
    -- From inspection, inductors store energy in the magnetic field and generate magnetic fields. The welding rods would aid in this energy storage, and increase the resultant magnetic field. The welding rods also have an attractive force between them and the magnets, this accelerates and decelerates the wheel (The deceleration is apparently limited, or overcome.) The magnetic fields from the inductor coil would interact with the magnetic field from the magnet, as long as the magnet is in range of the coil's effects. Also, if the coil is not pulsed while the magnet passes over, there are inductive currents that result. Also, overpowering inductive systems result in a phase shift of current, the voltage appears across the inductor followed by a phase shifted current. I feel this may be at play as well.

    2. John sometimes mentions a 'Scalar' North pole, which occurs when two north poles are pressed together
    -- This does not seem to be present in the SSG, unless the north pole of the inductor electromagnet is facing the north pole of the rotor magnet and is pulsed accordingly as well.

    If anyone has explanations or clarifications to these above mentioned concepts it would be greatly appreciated.


    If there is anything I'm missing, please let me know. I will amend this as more information is added/posted.

    I will soon be attempting to build my first SSG, but to be honest, I feel quite queasy about the whole thing. I don't want to spend a bunch of money only to have an unworking project that I learned nothing from.

    I would really like to see some direction on this forum, so others are free to experiment! Keep helping others and posting your knowledge!

    Much love and admiration,
    --The CW.
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