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Thread: Back EMF and unidirectional coils.

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    Thanks for the reply, Gyula! I've moved my response over to the original Zero Force thread - seemed more appropriate. :-)


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    If you really want to understand electricity build a electrostatic generator. You can see and feel it. I think electricity is motion. It's purpose is to polarize, that's what it does. You can very much have the same effects as Lenz's law without amps. Repulsion and attraction without magnetism. An electrostatic generator is a polarizer of motion. All motion is spiral with a still center. Spin is just spin, it only has one direction. If you watch the wheels on a car going from your left to your right they spin clockwise. if it goes past you the other way, right to left, they spin counter clockwise, but you know that they are all spinning in the same direction. Magnetism is the gravity of spin. Centrifugal and centripetal forces. There is no force in nature that pulls inward from within. I was able to induct a small current from a spark gap generated with no wires or magnetic source. It's not practical but proved a point. Actually, you can see a vortex in a spark gap just by using a magnifying glass. Then there is speed of collisions. You can simulate amps from a capacitor. The charges can be made to follow a path by insulators and conductors but there is nothing that insulates magnetic forces. Just my two cents worth on the subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vzon17 View Post
    I encounterd a couple of places online that showed how to build free energy motors. they were winding their coils unidirectionally. This means that when they had one layer of wire laid they would run it back to the other end again to start the next layer so the spiral of the coil always rotated in the same direction. I found a similar process outlined in an very old book on solenoids from back in the 30s or older. So my thought was maybe back emf is cauesd by the way the modern coils are wound going back and forth so each layer of wire is spiraling the opposite direction. maybe that is why there is a counter current set up in the coils becaues of the counter windings. Has anybody looked into this or experimented with it?? Maybe there is something happening in the interaction with the magnetic field and the angle of the windings that nobody has looked into. Makes more sense in my mind to have all the spirals going the same direction instead of the way everybody does it now going back and forth. maybe that is where all the heat and inefficiency comes from.
    The unidirection coils are much harder to wind and I rarely see anybody doing it. Why is this?

    There are two meaning to the sense of 'Uni-direction' one a straight forward which means start to end is one way path, the other is the Circular which returns you back to where you started, but this return in the time sense is a new location.. the Back or the Radiant spike has this second sense of Unidirectional path way.. the trick is to intercept this return Unidirectional path way which is usually wasted and not accounted in normal Electromagnetic and that is where the Scalar Electromagnetic Engineering takes over and is exactly what Bedini showed us..

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    You'll get better results thinking more about compression and expansion principles than the relativity of spin. Just sayin.


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