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Thread: Positive effects of negative ions

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    Just an update. I keep running both versions of Ion Generator and the one with voltage multiplier works very well, despite having just one needle and less than 5kV. Wind blows candle flame from about 10 inches. My wife really enjoys cleaner air and confirmed that breathing is easier near the device. It seems to clean the airways. I'll try to come up with off the shelf transformer so it would be easy to replicate without making or re winding one.


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    Something else to try, ready built and fairly cheap. I have about 6 of the about the house, using various pin emitters. Have got these as low as $4 when they have a sale. Uses one of these to drive my own pin farm, using many strands of I think .001" stainless, big roll from ebay fairly cheap. Sharper pins, more neg ions, dull pins more ozone. Do not place next to static sensitive equipment, needless to say, my external hdd will reset if within a few feet in high static conditions.. 120VAC (7.5kV Output) Negative Ion Generator-The Electronic Goldmine Carbon fibers can also be used for emitter. More fun, use a rotating emitter, these work nice and can spin fairly fast. Made one using the stainless wire, nice breeze. Higher power modules potted available here.. Negative Ion Air Purification Systems they also have ozone modules.. Ozone Systems. My first ion units were a IG-133A Negative Ionizer and the IG-133DG from Negative ions products and negative ion generators for air purification and more. Had these about five minutes to find they have the same $10 module as above, and a CW diode thing going on to charge the dust grabber plates. They do work and require cleaning, but are rather expensive considering the main component is 10$. Had these for five years still going so reliable. Air is fresher plants and pets are happy. Even put one in my fridge, why not?

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    Some mention of ozone in earlier posts, my experience with.. Have done many hours of research, lead me to this product, because of price. Ozone Generator by MaxBlaster USA Own one, and yes ozone in that quantity will do some powerful things. It is used by hotels, car rental, home rental, biohazzard cleanup (someone died in a dwelling and was there for awhile.. ) eg. a friend of mine was renting a house, the people were heavy smokers, and within a year the walls that had new paint when they moved in were brown. Twenty hours of ozone and my friend noticed easily that the walls were not near a brown, and of course the smell of smoke and the other nasty smells they left behind were gone. I have also used on vehicles, tunes up a musty or smoky vehicle in a few hours. One caveat, must be used in 50% or less humidity. Kills mold, and most anything else organic, and can mess up true rubber, organic as well I guess. One rule when running the blaster, called the 3p rule. People, Plants, Pets, all out of the area. I also have an ozone generator by heavenfresh, I see they no longer make, but it put out a small enuff ammout to be safe in any room, and it does make a difference. Was rather expensive to, would build or by a module and make my own pin farm to make another, or use a circuit to drive perhaps an ignition coil, since ac is all that is required for ozone gen unless looking of neg ions at same time, which is all good, which then flyback with dc out is great. The maxblast has honkin high voltage trans in it, using stainless woven strips insulated with mica. When running look in the end and it is filled with blue with arc. Any arc creates ozone, including welding, lightning.. Ozone is perfect to purify water, ozonated water is said to in time "remove" scars you may have. Drinking it is a great way to get some oxygen into your system. Wash your clothe with ozonated water, and your dishes, no need for soap anymore. Large institution.. hotels.. prisons.. massive restaurants and others use this now, and save a $hitload, because ozone works best in cold enviro, no more need to heat thousands gallons of water to acheive same result. Ozonate oil, apply to skin, some have had topical conditions dissapear after. Here I have to treat our village water supply with hypochlorite, (chlorine esentially) it is the law. Ozone will do the same thing, without causing colon cancer and other long term neat stuff. Best stop ranting now, best of luck with whatever you use!!

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    The scientific concept at work here is that a appropriate stability of negative ions combine with the positive ions, developing complete elements which have a heavier weight mass & a balanced charge.

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    In the human body medically observe that one thing the ions are basically atomic particles carrying charge, either positive or negative.without such ions body not enable to work by free hand and all the metabolism system depends upon the ions of the body.

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