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Thread: Positive effects of negative ions

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    blackchisel97, here is an interesting patent about negative ion generator and a link of a you tube video that someone who had experience making an ion genarator from capacitor and diode, there is interesting quote from him about capacitor size and the effect if we use bigger capacitance of capacitor.
    High-powered negative ion generator in a gaseous medium with a high-strength electric field configuration - Breton, Jacques L. G.

    prototype9000 - YouTube

    kind regards

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    Thank you Thebanano, I'll check this out.


    I couldn't locate his particular video about ion generator but Breton patent is very interesting. Thank you for link.
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    Indoor air quality

    Quote Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
    I would like to start this thread to share some of my findings and hope to inspire others to experiment. There is a vast amount of info in our great free library - internet therefore I'll keep the intro to the minimum and let you do more research into that matter.
    The ions are basically atomic particles carrying charge, either positive or negative. This applies to the air surrounding us and while being most vital element ( we cannot survive without beyond a few minutes) it is also one of the most polluted one. Clean air (78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen plus trace amount of noble gasses) consists positive and negative ions in about 5:4 ratio. It has been found that any change in that ratio will affect all forms of biological systems - including humans, of course.
    There is am excellent book written in '70 by Fred Soyka - The Ion Effect. I look at eBay last night and found couple copies reasonably priced.
    If you research this topic you'll find that over 85%-90% of scientific reports state benefits of negative ions, remaining 14% - 9% reports claim no effect and less than 1% detail some detrimental effects. For me it was convincing enough to search for more information.
    Despite overwhelming reports supporting negatively charged air and ozonated water benefits to our health, most manufacturers of such devices refrain from making such bold claims. Wonder why
    Target of my project is to make replicable device capable of cleaning air by using negative ions and small amounts of ozone. Also, capable of making ozonated water, oil etc.
    There is always more than one way to skin the cat and this case is no different. What we need is a source of reliable and tunable high voltage supply, launcher - in the form of electrodes or arrays and for second part - ozonated water we'll need a source of compressed air, such as fish tank pump and maybe even stone diffuser.
    One way of generating HV would be by the use of voltage multiplier, such as - Attachment 1172
    Second, which I decide to do is based on flyback TV transformer. They usually resonate in 20kHz range. Mine does at 28kHz and pulls 0.36A from 12V DC source. I'm not looking for spectacular purple discharge but just glowing tips of the electrodes for the creation of ionic wind rather than massive amounts of ozone.
    Right now I've been running my driver circuit for the past few hours and it runs cool without heatsink on FET's. However, it is possible to run with more power and produce 2+ inch purple arc but this will cost about 4A and require transistors to be mounted on heatsink. I'm using small pancake coil connected to the scope probe to "sniff" the sine wave from a distance.
    This is the circuit of flyback driver designed by Vladimiro Mazzilli-
    Attachment 1173
    and patent of Nikola Tesla - Attachment 1174

    I'll provide more info and technical detail as I progress and of course if there is an interest in this subject.

    The health effects of poor indoor air quality include, throat, nose, and eye irritations, respiratory infections, sinus problems, headaches, asthma, allergies. Through the use of Nano ionic technology, far-infrared rays and a special manufacturing process, a natural (non manufactured) paint additive has been developed that improves indoor air quality and permanently removes odors caused by smoking, pets and bacterial proliferation. AirReNu is a safe, effective and permanent solution. AirReNu works continuously, 7/24/365 eliminating odors and maintaining clean, healthy indoor air.

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    Hello. I've been testing my ZVS based NIG for the past few days. It produces only gentle breeze but it seems to refresh the air quite a bit. My wife also confirmed that it is easier to breathe around the device. She had some respiratory problems and cough - possibly related to allergic reaction since last June. It looks like she is improving since I got this running. We're heating with air forced wood and there is more dust settling around but I've rather dust off more often than let my lungs filter those airborne particles. I'll get the other version done - based on voltage multiplier later. Been busy putting LED pulser on pcb (works fine) and collecting parts for the device to make ionized and ozonated water. Will update when done.

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    First off this is great! Secondly, Hhrrmph, I thought I might have heard about some such! From my background I have always viewed ozone as a toxic pollutant. I have never heard of ozone's possible health giving effects. Just to be pendantic for a moment, in medicine we evaluate things through test tube studies, animal studies and human studies. The various human studies being most powerful when they are double blinded and randomized. To be cynical, sometimes, when test tube animal or other studies show great efficacy in an indication that is very lucrative there is, oddly enough, no further pursuit, investigation or publication in such an indication. I say this not to dampen enthusiasm about ozone but to note like many other treatments where there is positive evidence, we don't have the studies where a decent number of people were given it for some disease/indication and we likely won't from any conventional source, especially if the treatment is useful in diseases which threaten established revenue streams. So if we don't know a biological mechanism for why ozone might be useful and we don't have sufficient clincal data there is always the first do no harm caution mentality. Then again I'm probably just embarrassed to learn that ozone has medicinal applications.

    I look forward to looking into the medical literature on this and posting back after I have fully read your links and seen what is in the peer reviewed literature. BTW I am sending you a PM message after this related to seeing if you can help me with a ZVS circuit.

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    Good to read you Paul. Yes, I'm cautious about the ozone as well. However, it is my understanding that while inhaling ozone in higher concentrations poses significant risk to the lung tissue there are other possible applications which may be beneficial. I stay open minded and I'll keep searching for more data. This is a very potent compound and I have reasons to believe that its use has been limited to certain degree, not necessary out of concern about our well being. This is just my sole opinion.
    Meanwhile, after doing more study about ionic effect I came to the conclusion that keeping potential between electrodes in low range - 3.5 to 5kV will limit ozone and nitrous compounds output down to negligible levels. This is regarding to negative ionization. Also, quality of materials used should not be compromised. Stainless steel, borosilicate glass (pyrex) are the way to do it. Plastics, rubber insulation will degrade in time causing shorts and possibly, release unwanted compounds into the output air stream. This is very important in ozone experiments. I believe that poor choice of materials maybe the cause of malfunctioning and short life span of cheap ozonizers available on the market. Using them for disinfecting in unoccupied spaces is one thing but to diffuse in water or oils for therapeutic use is another. Again, this is just my opinion.

    Paul, I sent you PM. I did experiment with ZVS applications including induction heater and it works quite well. There is no problem reaching currie point in small steel objects utilizing relatively small amount of power. I was hoping to get short YT


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    Hello guys.
    I've been working today on Negative Ion Generator variation - using Cockroft-Walton multiplier, instead of flyback transformer.
    There are circuits and patents available but most of them are feeding multiplier from mains, either directly - via resistor or using isolating transformer. I'm not a big enthusiast of such and got an idea of making simple inverter instead but then I started to think;
    what if I increase feeding frequency? Even if my wave is not sine it should still work. I did remember simple oscillator which guys from Energetic Forum were working on. The idea was to power 6 or 9W 110V Cree LED light from low DC source. I did some experiments with this circuit using large ferrite toroid and different transformers. It worked quite well.
    I decided to try it with voltage multiplier and it works just fine. I tested few different transformers and got variety of results, from 3,000V to 12,000V @ 100mA to 300mA. I'm feeding circuit from 12VDC wall adapter. Heatsink was necessary for certain transformers only. This one runs cold at approx. 100mA. On the left you can see two 5MOhm resistors in series and the last one serves as a needle. Copper loop works as other electrode. There is nice breeze coming from it and ozone smell is almost undetectable despite hissing sound. I'll let it run and will post details later.

    IMG_0659.jpg and the circuit - CW NIG.JPG
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Carmenbees Synchrotheraphy
    this instrument had been used by a relative of mine who is a diabetic and a great improvement took place ..... the inventor used to work with the US Navy..... please take a look and see if you can incroporate this with your tech


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    " BEES supplies our body with negative ions, together with electromagnetic fields of sufficient magnitude and direction.."
    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing totoalas.


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