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Thread: My Machine.

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    My Machine.

    My other thread is a bit cluttered and random so i'll keep this one strictly for the multicoil machine.

    Current set up is as follows.
    -26"wheel, 36 Magnets 2"x1"x1/2", North out.
    -9 x 8 Filar x 18ga coils.
    -Air gap is 6mm (1/4").
    -12V x 100Ah primary and secondary.

    Running tonight 466rpms @ 1.2A per coil with 214V peaks on the h wave.
    Hitting 280hz in single pulse mode with a 15ohm trigger.

    I've machined up a shaft that allows for an 8mm ID cartridge bearing and printed up a bushing to fit the wheel.
    This allows me to run a standard ceramic downhill bearing giving me a spin time of 3mins 45 seconds with 9 coils in place.
    It's balanced nicely, supported on one side only and is held on the shaft by a tiny circlip but there is no side movement.

    The wheel is magnet variable so I will do some testing with the 36mag wheel and then drop it back to 27 magnets and do some comparisons.

    There is space for 9 more coils which will probably be Generator coils.

    The 6 copper Bus lines from inside out are Primary +, Primary -, Secondary +, Signal wire, Gen+, Gen-.
    1/4" copper pipe with copper saddles being used for connection lugs.
    Pipe is connected at rear to parallel and double Current Carrying Capacity.
    From this connection a 25mm2 flex is connected to the batteries.

    Coils are mounted to structural ply with a 3D printed variable position mount.

    9 coil.jpg
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    Hi Deuis,

    Really nice build!

    Looks like you are running two strands per transistor with heat sinks. Do the transistors still run cool?

    Are you running it in radiant mode or common ground mode? From the photo and low current draw, I'd guess it is running in radiant mode.
    Gary Hammond,

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    Yes it's in radiant.
    I'll test all variants in time.

    No heat in the transistors at all, but i'll confirm that with an infra-red thermometer.
    *Heat sink is running about 1C above ambient.
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