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Thread: Bedini back-emf motor generator US 6,392,370 B1 (motorgizer)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Malone View Post
    Alright I have got to say...synchronicity is a thing (thanks for that post faraday)

    Thank you gary for chiming in here. seriously the posts make me totally feel different. I have honestly felt bad in the past because I have so many ideas running through my head that they over-ride and get in the way of each other. I have started threads that i completely had every intention of following through with until I learned what I wanted to know then was totaly consumed with the "next step" in my quest to understand this stuff. Knowing That you guys are on the same page with that makes me feel like I am not crazy

    As for the synchronicity...slight back story, I have always....and I mean ALWAYS wondered about "free energy" people get stuck on the notion of "creating energy" that is not the case. My uncle started teaching me machining when I was 14 and I loved the ability to make anything and absorbed it. I distinctly remember one day we got talking about generators and motors I instantly asked why not hook a generator to the motor and put the "generated" into the motor to run forever. So the talk of "perpetual motion" came up he said because of losses due to friction and whatever that its not possible. I remember thinking in that moment yeah that sounds right, But also the entire universe, our solar system, I can't believe even if I wanted to that it was just "started" and will someday end when all the energy runs just simply didn't make sense to me.

    YEARS later while in the navy I was (still) researching while standing a watch and came across "free energy and free thinking"...I have NO idea (other than synchronicity) what lead me to this site. It was mainly about walter russell. When I started reading russell's books it rung a bell with me so loud I couldn't ignore it if I wanted to. Within a week or so I had read every single page. It captivated me. I am a logical person that has always felt that CURRENT logic was skewed. Walter made me understand why. When I was done reading I was ecstatic (the whole time really) since then I have been searching for the answer to the questions my mind never leaves alone.

    I have ALWAYS wondered ...if the universe will just keep chugging along (because somehow I just feel like thats the truth) WHY can't we. In researching for that I came accross JB and an explanation of taking 0 and making it -1 and +1 which is 0 but also 2. THAT rang like a bell also because of Russell. Since then I KNOW it in my soul that it works and am trying to make it in our reality.

    Because of all that i know for certain that the synchronicity idea is a real thing, and that "I believe" is why I move from one thing to the next. It is the experience that truly matters! Along with that I truly DESIRE to set the world free from the crap it is in by giving the world the thing that will change that...power. with free unlimited power "given by reality itself" people without water will be able to distill water anywhere. People that need to travel will not need gas. People that need heat in the winter will not have to give their lives working to pay for it. The list goes on. As tesla stated its only a matter of time before men attach a dynamo to the wheel-work of nature.

    I think that time is coming. Your post re-rang my bell so to speak. I will still be working on this project But something is leading me to Move on at the same time to the homopolar generator that I have been thinking of. the only problem with the homopolar is the low output voltage, I think i fgured out how to fix that! Will post more later on that.

    Until then
    Hey Bradly Malone,
    Fantastic overview on your experiences with Synchronicity..I felt patted for that thread on Synchronicity! and Voila! there goes another one.. when you just mentioned about the Homopolar Generator... !!!
    Guess what we need not increase the Voltage but still use the available MA (Mega Ampere) Current available in just this very forum the stuff that we are all working on!!! YES ITS THE COUNTERPART OF THE TAPABLE AETHERIC GAS IN SG.
    This is what i'm after..
    and is perhasp the Holy grail of OTG systems..even with out SUN or wind...
    its only matter of tinkering and experimentation to get to that level.
    Remember, Faraday should be credited for the discovery of Longitudial Electromagnetism (even before Tesla did it) because the Homopolar is NOT ELLECTORMAGNETIC INDUCTION stricktly speaking..its MAGNETO-ELECTRIC INDUCTION and is the Longtuidal Electromagnetism counetr part of the TRANVERSE FORMAT in the conventional ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION.
    I feel The Tesla Impulse Technology when clubbed with the HOMOPOLAR will reveal us more on further boosting the gains seen in the NEGISTOR ...(the Battery)
    I shall post my findings as i progress in these lines..
    Best Regards,
    ‘Mass is the Spatial density of Matter (Particle) and the Temporal Intensity of Space (Field)’.

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    Please find attached images.
    This is a basic coil through a diode dumped into a capacitor.
    When the capacitor voltage rises the wave lengthens.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Malone View Post
    Alright....a little back story, because I truly suck at real "data". I scribble notes and have thousands of pages (not just this project) but it is totally unreadable to anyone. I do things by feel and what peeks my interest, unless its something useful then I do my best to get every point documented so that it can be useful for someone else.

    When i first got everything up and running I did a lot of testing of this and that and didn't really find anything special. But for the sake of documenting the process I will post a description of what I did.

    At first I was using some crude brush system with a flat piece of brass mounted to the shaft, a positive brush made of thick pencil lead. for the other brush I used multiple different things in an attempt that had some success but was just "not right" so I left the device alone for a while. The success was being able to have it running with my power supply reading zero on the current meter, but that boiled down to the duty cycle being so low that its just simply didn't "see" when the current was coming out.

    Then I switched to an arduino, the sketch I wrote up, and actually used, was about the fifteenth iteration. after much frustration trying to do to much at one time I settled on using two hall sensors with interrupts on the arduino. One to turn on a pin and one to turn off the pic. With this I was able to turn the drive coil on or off at any angle and for any duration that I wanted. I originally wanted to use the output to switch a mechanical relay to get rid of the "fried semiconductor" syndrome and have something that isolated the "switching" from the "switched". I soon realized that mechanical relays take anywhere from 5 to 15 milliseconds, which on a four pole rotor in the best scenario would be a max of about 50 rpm. So that idea was dead, but having put the time into the sketch I just used a mosfet circuit added to the arduino to power the drive.

    So ...once I had it running I tried every turn on angle, duration of pulse, everything I could think of with the aid of an led and reflective strp, to basically get a "feel" for how it ran. Once I was comfortable with it I tested it in a simple, and probably not the best, way. I took the "input" and ran it through a known resistor value so I could use my scope and calculate the current going into the system. I then took many different resistors and many different capacitors on the output of the coils. I only ever did one coil at a time, so it was either a single diode to a cap or a bridge rectifier to a cap. I put the "many different resistors" across the cap to see what the sustained voltage was while the system was running. This leaves out many aspects of testing to get the "true" in vs out. however I was able to get the idea of what changes caused what effects. The best I ever got from this testing was about %50 of what I put in across the resistor on the out.

    During that testing I spent many days thinking about this thing and what all was stated in the patent. I started thinking about how JB talked about reversing the back emf. While most of my VERY basic and incorrect way of testing showed that the lowest current draw was at higher speed and the higher speed came from a longer on-time. If ran at a low duration from TDC I never got any effect that showed a noticeable difference in the back-emf. I will still be doing further testing in the future on this, But me being me I moved on to test what I was thinking.

    Given the above information I started to think that if the back emf is reversed, well away from the cores after a longer pulse, then it wont have much effect. But if the back emf or the inductive collapse happened when they were very close to the cores what would happen? So I swapped the wires and halls and decided to test it in the "pull" configuration. partly just to see what difference it made and partly the idea of what would the effects be on an inductive collapse that happens while the magnetic strength is still increasing (when the coil turns off before or after TDC and the collapse has to "ride" on that changing flux). Before I could get any real testing done I noticed something else That intrigued me.

    There was not just one inductive collapse there were many! after the coil turned off it did its normal thing then it would pulse back on repeatedly at about 275 Khz while climbing in voltage until it would just stop and level out. I will post some scope shots of this soon and am going to be testing this further tonight to try and figure out what is going on. I have already ruled out a feedback from the coil to the hall and am scratching my head as to what is making this happen. Maybe this is what is supposed to happen! I dont know.

    I am sorry for the super long post and no real information that can help anyone. But I figured having the "back story" would help and I will be posting soon with any and every detail I can on what is going on and if it has benifits or not to what we are all working towards.Attachment 6833Attachment 6830Attachment 6831Attachment 6832
    Cant spend it when your dead.

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    Deuis...that's interesting and I'll have to mess with that later.

    However that appears to just be ringing. The bedini coil circuit I have set up is actually oscillation after the hall. Just the way we pulse a coil and absorb the collapse. It appears the collapse causes another pulse and another collapse and so on.

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    Deuis....can you explain what's going on with the diode coil setup? To my understanding the voltage would bias the diode junction and just let the energy what's causing the ringing effect in those scope shots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Malone View Post
    Already did. Is there somewhere other than YouTube that I can upload the to. I want to share it here but private at the same time.
    If you have a Google account, you can upload videos to Google Drive, and share the links with whoever you send them to, while keeping the videos private.
    Another option is, which has alot of free space.

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    Hi Brad,
    I dont have enough data to conclude anything but I can always guess.

    Yes, when forward biased it drops its .6V across the junction and is allowed to flow.
    Every action has an equal reaction aparently so the reaction is a negative bias which isn't allowed to flow.
    Think of a wave against a dam wall reflecting on itself.
    The energy has followed the "laws" but were then switched to make them usable in this case a DC primary wave.
    The waves themselves peter out smaller and smaller indicating the voltage is dropping through resistance in the circuit.
    Resistance may be the coil, the drop across the diode etc etc.

    So the first instance once the gate is dropped energy flows.
    The gate shuts and static potentional reverses/reflects to allow flow once again with dimishing returns in this case.


    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Malone View Post
    Deuis....can you explain what's going on with the diode coil setup? To my understanding the voltage would bias the diode junction and just let the energy what's causing the ringing effect in those scope shots?
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    Cant spend it when your dead.

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    Now that you posted the schematic it definitely makes sense. As the cap fills the bias is equalized but since the "input keeps rising it is rebiased. Hmm... definitely interesting thanks for sharing!


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