Excellent work Patrick.

Yes your right. My problematic wheel I've since got rid of it. The wheel was the main reason why I increased the resistance. Or I'm now using it on the other SG but as a slave rotor to aid the mechanical switching so there's now 2 - 26" bike wheels and a primary rotor working off one SG 3 wheels. I'm running with the smaller wheel but I've gotten rid of the bike bearings and have substituted them for Skateboard bearings the Abec 3 type... I've just ordered some Abec 9 steel and some ceramic bearings to play around with on future builds.

Its funny you mentioned efficiency Patrick. Something I managed to do that I've not been able to do before since adding the coil. I managed to fully charge two of my Ni-Cad batteries from one single charged 12v 12amp/hr Lead Acid battery as the power battery. That's with the coil underneath. So it looks like that particular setup is more efficient with it than without. Mind you if I try and remove it it complains and self oscillates until I put it back, even decreasing the resistance makes no difference. Though its 600 Ohms per circuit.

I've gone electronic cap dumping on that one for now.

Since playing with this and observing the intensity of the LED's that I put across the added coil and not to mention the sticking that occurs in my Micro-Switches when I raise the Resistance it just goes to show a lot more Radiant comes through and at higher voltages the higher up you go on the Resistance scale. I actually managed to fry a LED with the coil underneath by increasing the resistance. Not to worry though, I've got plenty more to fry. Damn near blinded myself too... but its all good!

Great work Patrick and Faraday.


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I misinterpreted your interest in coil shorting, my apologies.

So I had some time this morning to test this out.
Got my wheel up to speed and added the coil, each time I add the coil my wheel slows down. Tried with and without a load on the extra coil, both using LED's and Bulb and without.

tried a few different coils both as the main power coil and the extra coil - same - the wheel slowed down. Then I remembered something you said. when you discovered this. You mentioned it was on a wheel that was having some problem getting up to speed or something to that effect.So, I increased the resistance to the base of the transistor, dropped into 3 spikes per magnet, added the second coil and bing-bang-boom my wheel sped up!
I have no time to check for efficiency and the other phenomena of lighting up a bulb... but will get to this and some other things.

Nice find! and of course THANKS FOR SHARING :-)
Kind Regards