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Thread: Tesla 4 battery switch

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    Sorry to kill the video. I mistakenly left that marked as public when it was NOT supposed to be. That was a Tesla Switch setup, but in the video it was NOT running as a Tesla switch. In a Tesla switch configuration we would have been pulsing back and forth between two banks of batteries through a load. First by putting one bank in series and the other in parallel, and then by reversing that configuration of each bank. In THAT video we were running it as a 3 Battery setup, where One bank is the high side and the other is the low side, and the load is run off the potential between them. (That part is just like a Tesla Switch) Then you rotate the battery banks with one bank that has just been charged always going into the rest mode. We are doing some things that we have not released to the public yet, so unfortunately, I had to pull the video down.

    Matt Jones went through how to build a WORKING Tesla switch step by step on the "Use For The Tesla Switch" thread on Energetic Forum, and even put out a PDF detailing how to build four different versions of the Tesla switch. I should know. I built all four.

    If you want the definitive work on how to build a Tesla switch, read the patents of Carlos Benitez. He could NOT be more clear. I have built his stuff too, and Matt's work is based on Benitez. Now having said all that, I will also say this. The 3 Battery system with the modifications we have shown kick the CRAP out of the Tesla Switch. Just saying. As one who has built ALL of it over the years. Matt has too by the way.
    Dave Bowling
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    Qualcuno gentimente puo fornirmi schema oscillatore GS 3524....
    I DVD sono anche in lingua italiana.
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