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Great!!!! it looks like you have introduced some speed reduction to time the Cap dump....but none- the- less it is a beauty!!
Next: make it perform as good as it looks..yes as per Pat# 6,545,444..i shall post mine...
Yes..Please. I would like to see your version. What do you use for the contact points? I have seen where individuals have used copper or brass stripes for contact points. In this recent Youtube video Oliver uses a commercially available micro switch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJWt...47_b6QP5Zv9OtA It is only rated for 10 Amps though. That seems like it would severely limit the potential. I have some carbon contact points from power tool brushed motors that I would like to try. Hitachi tools use a energy recovery method with their tools for efficiency. Their carbon mixture with their replacement brushes would probably fit the bill for this type of work. What has been your observation of performance with your device?