Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but slightly familiar with the technology. I read about these machines and was immediately fascinated. So I ordered a prewound 23/26 cool and bought the parts. After some messing around (first time I ever soldered and first attempt to ever follow a schematic) I finally got the thing to turn and take off. I used a shopping cart wheel with 4 magnets. Then I found a bike rim and used that instead. I never tried doing any tests or anything and didn't even (and still don't) know how to tune it. I read the instructions but don't know where in the circuit to put my meter probes. Regardless, I think the machine was the coolest thing ever just because the whole idea of it running because the magnets keep it turning.

Anyways I played around with it a bit and one day melted my plastic coil after running it off 24v. To get to the point, I am wanting to start playing with these machines and this time so some actual tests and some hard-core experiments. Now my question is...

I've read on this forum for a couple years and never posted (until now) and have seen John Bedini tell people to stop trying to make a free energy machine and start learning about the machine itself by playing with it. I've seen him suggest people start with the original machine until you understand how it works before moving onto more advanced systems. Now what "original machine" exactly is he referring to? The one that the the little girl used, the basic 23/26 2-wire (one coil) ssg, or is he talking about the 8 wire machine in beginning of the beginners sg book? I'm confused, but would like to follow his advice and start where I need to so I can better understand the fundamentals of this technology before moving onto bigger and more powerful setups.

Thanks in advance