Tesla stated that the current notions of gravity do not account for the motions of bodies,

These notions are Newton's and Einstein's where by the gravitational force is produced in notable quantities by object of high "mass", ie the planet, where by the gravitational influence of the atmosphere on the exponential rate of decay in field strength over distance make it possible to create a sufficient approximation of the strength of gravity (the rate of acceleration) for different distances from the planets surface without having to consider the atmosphere.

The specific rate of decay in acceleration over distance is such that the acceleration decreases inversely proportionate to the distance squared. If we take the distance value (in feet) being at my current altitude, 920 ft to be distance one (D1), while the acceleration, A1 , is 9.8meters per second per second, while, D2 , is the cruise altitude of a aircraft, 30,000 ft, then the ratio being D2 over D1 squared is equal to the ratio of A1 over A2. In language the square of the ratio of a change in distance equals the inverse ratio of the reactive change in acceleration.

(D2/D1) = A1/A2

The implications of the exponential form of the given relationship between distance and acceleration (due to gravity) is such that for change in distance by a equal value progressively increasing in net distance from the planets surface the associated changes in acceleration become progressively lower in the quantity of change, ie, the sensitivity of change in acceleration for the same change in distance at different distances from the planet (source) is more sensitive closer to the source while being less sensitive at a great distance from the source.

Where, D1, is 920 ft , D2 being , 30000 ft, A1 being, 9.8 m/s , A2, where the square of the ratio being D2 over D1 is , U.

(D2/D1) = A1/U = A2

This gives the value for A2 being; 0.009216356 m/s

While the recorded value; 9.715 m/s ,at 30000 ft. (From; U.S. Standard Atmosphere Air Properties - SI Units).

This suggests to me that the atmosphere and/or eather play a role in the Earths gravitational (acceleration/pressure) environment.