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Thread: Bedini 1984, 2017 style.

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    Bedini 1984, 2017 style.


    6 Filar coil in parallel - 16VDC
    6 Filar coil in series - 700VDC+

    .375mm wire at 30ohms a piece.
    25mm core.
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    Fark it just get it done.

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    G'day John,

    Lets change things up and do a leap of faith.
    Lindemann always says the bigger the wheel the better the efficacy.
    The problem with that is all the hobby guys cant build big balanced wheels with evenly spaced magnets.

    Well here is a big fairly balanced wheel (580mm diameter) with markings on the rim which allow a 5, 10 or 15mm cutouts for magnets which can be done with just a file.
    The shaft is strong for mounting, bearings are good and as a bonus a 1000W brushless motor is attached.

    With the motor you can used it to drive the flywheel (the motor wheel and magnets weigh about 4kg) at any speed you wish for testing various coils.
    You can do as im doing, test various coils as gennie coils for their effectiveness.
    Maybe you could even just use the big wheel and throw 40 gennie coils around it.
    The motor itself uses 45W of power to drive the wheel at 500rpms. (without stripping the grease from the bearings)

    I'll let you all figure out the potential for yourselves.
    Cheap wheel, throw a few magnets on and hey presto a really good rig for experimentation.

    For those who are able to access my private profile photos you will see a mini blog created with photos and experiments done to date already.

    Today I hooked an 8 Filar 18Ga coil in series and charged a 10F Capacitor.

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    Hey Deuis,

    Nice work! Been following your efforts for awhile.

    Good to have someone see the forest through the trees.


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    Thanks Yaro,

    I'm a simple man so I like to break things into singular steps.
    If anyone has any tips or advice on generator coils it would be much appreciated.
    I only have so much time for testing before weeks turn into years and projects that never were.

    I've built a core out of transformer steel which matches the width of the magnets.
    I will be wrapping that in 18ga and comparing to the 3/4'' standard 8 Filar for some base readings.
    Currently building various bits and pieces for loads to compare.

    Did you see my profile folder pics?

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    Hey Deuis,

    Nice work! Been following your efforts for awhile.

    Good to have someone see the forest through the trees.

    Fark it just get it done.

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    I removed 24 magnets and spaced 12 around the wheel.
    some interesting results.

    Coil was completly random (4ohm 5filar) and tuned very roughly.

    Calcs with the coil generating were subtracted from free wheel to give actual power used to generate.

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