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Thread: Bobs 1st 3D Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Nice Geneva Wheel. It takes lots of design work for those. I believe they are inherently clunky and perhaps not expected to run at high speed.
    For my purpose this one is doing a nice job but it could be a problem at higher speeds. It makes a clacking noise that makes it seem more clunky than it actually is though. Think about this method verses a pully/belt reduction for a moment. With this the only time you have mechanical resistance is when that peg travels the slot, otherwise it is free spinning. A pulley and belt is dragging 100 percent of the time, and toothed gears are pretty much the same. The other thing is that it does not take up as much space because you do not need such a huge pulley for the reduction.

    I have been wanting to make this for years but until the 3D printers came along I was not able to prototype. Having a machine shop fabricate things gets expensive and you can bet that what you see here was not my first attempt. The printer allows my to adjust and try again instead of sending off to a machinist for more money and waiting a few weeks with fingers crossed that the adjustments are correct.
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    Bob, I'm not sure what you intend to accomplish with this mechanical divider so I may be off in my suggestion, but have you considered a logic circuit? They take extremely small amounts of power, are cheap and easy to construct, easy to change the dividing number and are fast. You can control and adjust the timing by moving the magnet at the rotating component or by electronic means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Bob, I'm not sure what you intend to accomplish with this mechanical divider so I may be off in my suggestion, but have you considered a logic circuit? They take extremely small amounts of power, are cheap and easy to construct, easy to change the dividing number and are fast. You can control and adjust the timing by moving the magnet at the rotating component or by electronic means.
    Hi Richard,
    There are a few reasons for why I am playing with this gear but yea there are many ways to setup timing circuits. I have built tons of cap dumpers and solid state chargers using mostly arduino for the logic.

    This gear here is just a fun project as I said I have thought about for along time and now I have a way to pursue it with the 3D printer.

    Another thing is that this whole machine has been presented for people to download and print if they want to so by adding a gear such as this it is a simple way for them to utilize a cap dump if they want without getting to technical with micro controllers and more complicated approaches. It's possible to even switch small loads just on a reed with this depending on what someone is trying to do, but over all I am trying to keep things simple so that anyone can have success with the model. In the same way that I gave instructions for the simplest wiring for the build this keeps it simple as well, but adds a timed function with just a few more parts to print. Honestly I don't know if anyone winds up using this stuff but I am building mine and having fun with it and have no problem sharing for others.
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    I am planning on completely replicating this motor!! life has gotten in the way and between my day Job, church, TeslagenX, and my sons ranger outpost it leaves little time for fun.... I have been starting to do custom coils recently, and that has been challenging. starting to work with RTV mold materials for encasing coils in epoxy etc...

    even if I never get to it, it has been a great pleasure watching you work. I knew 3D printing would be a game changer in this arena of ideas, glad to see you taking that step and running with it. never before has it been so easy to think up an idea and then make it!!

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers

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    Thanks Tom. I hope that you do get a chance to build this one. it's exactly as you have said, this is like a golden age for us builders with these 3D printers. You know I was designing things in cad and having them fabricated way back but this is different. This makes it easy and repeatable. I had a bit of a rant about people not seeming interested which I am over now but it does baffle me that the time has come when we can design and share and replicate with such ease and people truly do not seem very interested.

    Everyone I am posting an optional file to the folder for this machine "DeckwTblock". This deck has terminal blocks built into the file and you just need some #8 screws/washers and some square nuts to slip in for anchoring the screw. It saves some space and money compared to the store bought terminal blocks.

    Generally speaking you want to always check the folders before you start printing the model because I may add things. With this new file I would recommend printing the version with T blocks for the front and the original for the back.

    Here is the link to the folder again, this has been posted already in this thread and does not change as things get added.!AmzmftzD-V0miHNbZQMvNTgPddSR

    Here is the optional deck:

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    I agree with Tom, this is a fascinating topic and if I had the time and resources I'd be building as well.

    John K.

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    I hear you John,,I have been going at it pretty hard lately but I go through periods where I just can't keep dumping money and time into it.

    I am working on something that I will probably share once I get a full one printed and make sure there are no mistakes. This is a little off-topic but not really since many of us have solar panels. I am working on some mounts that hold those floppy china panels. It's basically slotted for the panel to slip into and then the frame arms are going to be cut half inch PVC pipe. It will hold the panels at an angle of 32 degrees which for my latitude is supposed to be optimal for stationary panels.

    Here is a preview picture, this is just the frame so you have to imagine the PVC extending out and the panel inserted. In the picture everything is scrunched together.

    BZ-SolarPanel Mounts angle.JPG

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    Hello Group,

    I have created a few versions of decks for this machine and posted them in the shared folder.!AmzmftzD-V0miHNbZQMvNTgPddSR

    I also made a few improvements on some of the other files, the reed hold is a little different than before for example. Over all I am getting better with the editor so I have gone back over some of my earlier work and improved things. There are now decks with terminal blocks and places for switches and SSR's. Eventually I may update that document and list the screws and nuts but I mentioned them a few posts back. There are two SSR holder versions, one for the crydom 40A listed in the build notes and another for the small 4A cheapies from asia which actually work pretty well on these machines. There are also plain decks so that you could glue whatever hardware your using on without the extra stuff in the way.

    Here is a picture of one I finished building tonight with the cheap SSR's. It's not tested yet but should be fine. I will just have to unhook the coils from the old deck and unbolt it and put his one on instead.


    Here is a short video I shot where I am explaining how the circuits are hooked up. If anyone grabbed the old files I would just scrap them and download the latest version. Many of them are the same anyway but I'm just saying the folder has been updated with new stuff that has had more scrutiny by me.

    Video Link:!AmzmftzD-V0miWDbine2imhH8Mry

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    Thanks for sharing
    Have you schematic or link


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