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Thread: Monatomic Gold in Radiant Systems

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    Hey DMANN,

    I'll mention something a lot less esoteric, but that occurred to me some time ago. My understanding, though I have no first hand knowledge, is that with conditioning batteries radiantly, you get sort of this Lichtenberg or whatever it is called leafing on the anode or cathode and that leads to greater surface area/ greater voltage/power. If one had an open LA battery and replaced a small portion of the battery acid with colloidal silver one might get a nano silver Lichtenberg at the anode. Might make for an increase in battery power density.

    Bearden in a different video also talked about how he and JB nearly got killed after they made gold and mentioned it to Cejeka. There were told to never make gold and they would be killed (by ice dart dipped in curarae) if they travelled in the next two weeks by plane. Real James Bond stuff, Bearden said he travelled a few weeks later and the person in front of him as they exited the plane dropped dead with symptoms consistent with curarae poisoning. Very strange, very, very, very strange. First it is the Ruskies were doing a beam attack on the West Coast to set off the Big One, then Tom Bearden and person's unknown shoot the beam back at Russia and that is what set off Chernoybal. Then he and JB made gold but were told they had to stop or would get an ice dart filled with curarae and they killed a random guy in front of Bearden to prove the point. It is James Bond and Tom Clancy squared, what does one make of it?

    It was obvious to me from when I first came across them they were not con men (missing both the money and the pitch), but the easiest thing would be to say they are insane, their stories are the sort of things you might hear from paranoid schizophrenics. I never really believed that and I don't believe it at this point (maybe some big fish story stuff and a little too much reading into things, maybe or TB saved the West Coast) and besides it would be a much easier position to hold if I hadn't started experimenting with FE. All that out of the way, now I'll tell you what I really think, I have zero nonintuitive reason to say this, I will likely never know in this life and as this is just unimportant nonsense now I can be the wierdo. I think the handler Cjeka reported to that nearly got them both killed was Carl Sagan. There said it, have no evidence it was just the inflection in Tom's voice when he said you would be really surprised who it is, popped in my head and he does fit the bill. So now I'm the nuts guy not JB or TB, and darn it my story doesn't involve saving the West Coast or making gold or some such! Anyways DMANN if you take a look at my idea about making collloidal silver and putting some in a battery, and it works, I'm all ears figuratively speaking.

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    Walter russell explains in his books how transmutation can be done. His science shows how "everything" is made up of electric and magnetic forces wich cause curved motion resulting in spiral vortecies that create and destroy matter in a cycle. He states that all matter is only motion and the different effects (elements) are simple that motion spinning in a different plane/angle. He goes on to an expiriment where there were two electromagnets with a strong force as the "main" poles and smaller less intense coils at an angle. From the papers I read on the thing he put some substance (I believe pure watter) into a sealed tube in the focal point of the coils. They use a spectrum analyzer, I believe, to verfy what "exactly" was in the sealed tube. Then he zapped the water with a high voltage discharge to vaporize the atoms...and as he says...while they cool back down and condense they are spun magnetically by the coils into a different form /element. supposed to be impossible! after the discharge and cool down they again used the analyzer to test the inside substance and they found noble gases that were not in the tube before. Not sure where my files are on it but I am certain that if anyone interested just googles "Walter Russell transmutation" you should be able to find some info.


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