The stainless steel cookware is real stainless steel because a magnet will not stick to it and it will not work on my PIC (Precision Induction Cookware) which it has to be magnetic. Some stainless steel cookware has a magnetic bottom plate on it so it could be used on a PIC.

Another thing that the Chinese are not following are the transistors they make that are used in the electronics that we use like stereo equipment. All of the restoration and repair of vintage stereos I have worked on, you have to verify the pin out because many transistors with the same part number is not pin-to-pin the same as the data sheet calls out. It seems the Chinese don't care and the DOD forbids any Chinese made parts are used in military equipment. And the Chinese made stereo equipment are crap because they are made to throw out when a problem occurs. You should see how many Chinese crap is brought to us cannot be fixed and we have a large scrap pile because of it. To try and fix one of those units will cost more than the unit is worth. Atleast I know what not to buy, if it only has a one year warranty, stay away from it. TV's are the same shape too.