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Thread: CAD/CAM Software

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    I just wanted to pass this deal along here. This is a small high definition printer. It is the one that I use. At $200 It is a really good deal. As is, it only prints pla but it can be upgraded with a heated bed to print other materials (I have the upgraded bed on mine). It has auto bed leveling which makes make ready time easy. Affirm is also available at checkout for financing.

    It is not a Prusa and it is not Printrbot's top model but I think that it is a very good printer to learn with.

    Doug Mann

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post

    I have a few spools of PETG but have had nothing but problems. perhaps its because I have an E3D V6 hotend on my rostock max, they are known for clogging easily. I was trying to print weatherproof light covers, but the nozzle kept clogging. what is your hotend temp, feed speed, and what size nozzle is on the PRUSA

    Tom C
    Sorry I did not see this until now when Doug posted something to this thread. My machine uses the same hotend, I remember in some other thread trying to tell you that but we weren't clicking so I didn't push it. I use a .4 brass nozzle, clones now but the first one was an original. At one point I had a partial clog after using the same one for months and I could not get it to clear up so I put in a hardened steel nozzle instead. That caused me a lot of problems, I later found out that you need to crank up the heat with those because thermally they behave much differently. Anyway I got some clones and they work just as good as the original (link below)

    Here is a shot from my slic3r settings to show print speed and also cura. Most of the time I print at .35 layer which is not as nice but gets my parts done reasonably fast, sometimes I will go with .2. I set the nozzle temp for 240C and the bed at 90C.



    Maybe you got a bad batch of filament? I find the PETG very easy to work with and it is very strong as long as you make the walls thick enough. You can even make things that are semi-flexible with it by making things that are not so thick, it bends a lot without breaking.

    Filament brands that have worked for me:

    Hatchbox- This is very good stuff but too expensive.

    MakerGeek- Decent and the price is reasonable. I also like to support them because they are American manufactures

    Inland- I like this because it is cheap and I can pick it up at the Micro-Center computer store near my house.


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