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    could you please post a picture of your motor and the circuit.

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers

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    Hi Lis,

    Charging-Discharging is an Oscillatory mechanism, when you cycle them this way you cause the Battery get conditioned to the ping pong effect, that way they behave new every time you Radiantly excite them... this is reason to cycle the battaries.

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    Hi, Faraday88

    Thank you very much and appreciate your help.

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    I'm completely with you on that one, this is my aim as well:
    dischare the 'exess' charged battery through an inverter.

    How far did you get with it?


    Quote Originally Posted by John Koar View Post
    I am John Koar.
    I recently purchased and built the single coil window motor. I have run it for several days and basically discharged batteries and have a net energy dissipation. I suspect that the unit is running correctly because when I disconnect the charging battery, the neon light comes on to indicate the high voltage spike. The voltage on the charging battery will increase but, not as fast as the primary discharges. Running amperages are 350ma for the primary and about 40ma for the charging battery.
    I want to use an inverter to discharge the newly charged batteries and determine the amp hours supplied with the scheme that one battery should charge more than one others. So far no joy.
    To remedy this I request information about tuning. I am using the 330 ohm resistor. Should I increase or decrease this? Will this have a significant impact? How about turning the coil upside down with respect to the rotating magnets to go from attraction to repulsion mode or vice-versa?
    I would like to stand on the shoulders of giants ... any advice?

    Best regards to answerers

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    Speaking of sticking to the directions; are there any better directions for the replication of Shawnee's original single battery system?

    When I study John's original directions I discover a specification for a magnet that measures 5/8" X 5/8" but is missing the third dimension and fails to specify type of magnet or grade.
    And when I try to locate ceramic magnets with these first two dimensions; I am not finding any at the regular suppliers.

    Somebody suggested I use round magnets and I have in fact bought some 5/8" diameter X 3/8" thick Grade 5 ceramic disks as well as some 3/4" X 3/8" thick grade 8 magnets and I would love to use round magnets because it's very easy to drill a hole and mount a round magnet in a wheel. BUT, at this point, I have already strayed away from the original directions for want of clarification and source.

    Any suggestions? Does anybody here know what magnets Shawnee actually used?

    Please respond.
    Kindest regards;

    Quote Originally Posted by John_Koorn View Post
    Hi all and welcome to the Bedini Monopole 3 - Beginners forum.

    Build the energizer as directed and don't change a thing until you understand how the machine works.

    John K.


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