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Thread: Kromrey Disclosure - Bedini SG - Beyond the Advanced Handbook by Peter Lindemann

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    Hi RS_,

    Just wanted to mentioned that I found what you are talking about "Back Popping" the primary battery. JB talked about this in his 2013 presentation, adding a diode for "Generator Mode" that causes the unit to use a little more power and caused the charge battery to charge faster by putting the batteries into a "common ground" mode of operation. I knew I seen something somewhere about an added diode to the SG setup and PL explains about it in chapter 2 of the 3rd SG book, different names for the same thing does confuse people.

    Take care...


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    That's Not quite what is meant by back popping the primary battery. The Watson machine uses 1 version of back popping, by filling up a cap with the generator rotor / coils, then disconnecting motor/driver from the battery and then dumping the cap into the drive battery, and then reconnecting the motor/driver while the cap builds back up voltage....

    I've use a mosfet between the pos of the battery and the pos of a motor driver circuit, and a 2nd mosfet between the neg of the battery and the neg of the motor driver circuit. this lets you completely disconnect the motor driver circuit from the battery and the motor driver circuit can continue running from a cap on it's side of the 2 mosfets
    so if you have a genny coil filling a big cap/ cap pulser, and pop the drive battery while it is completely disconnected from the motor driver circuit then reconnecting it back to the motor driver circuit with the mosfets, after the Cap dump......

    PL's 2016 presentation shows how to back pop a charging battery with a modified SG and I did the same thing in my 2017presentation

    Here is the Schematic that I shared with some of the People at the 2016 conference
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    Thanks RS_ for sharing the schematic which is rather complex by looking at it and you like to squeeze as much as you can onto one page and not easy to read.

    Now your explanation of back popping the drive battery reminded me of what I read about back in 2013 and trying it with my bike wheel SSG version then; using an extra coil to capture energy from the magnets charging a cap, that are arranged N-S-N-S on the bike wheel according to Rick was-his-face schematic back then before JB broke ties with him. The one thing about charging of the drive battery was to disconnect the drive battery to give it a charge and then connect back to ckt to keep going. I have to watch PL's 2016 presentation again to see what I missed. I think that Daftman also posted a pic of his ckt using a relay to disconnect the primary battery to give it a pulse.

    I found my folder of everything JB related from 2013 and also includes from then, Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment I downloaded and was following it back then and using a Spreadsheet to record the charge/discharge of the charge battery from my bike wheel experiment. I'm sure that there are some members that remember that time...


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