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Thread: Kromrey Disclosure - Bedini SG - Beyond the Advanced Handbook by Peter Lindemann

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdvideo View Post
    Yes I did from 1978 to 2010. I was not in the military, but I did my part to help protect the US and allies by applying my expertise in electronics to help are troops do their work and come back home, hopefully. We try are best at giving the best electronics to are military and I enjoyed working there in engineering where I learned so many ways of doing things from audio to RF, analog to digital and so on. Even played with lasers that can punch a 1" hole through fire brick like a hot knife through butter.

    Time to start thinking more seriously about a simple battery swapping circuit. One thing that makes it easier to do is a software program that I learned about at Northrop Grumman was Multisim 11.0 by National Instruments. Here you can build the circuit you want by making the schematic of your circuit, analog, digital, RF, transformers, even tubes and much more on your computer and then use virtual test equipment so you can see how your circuit works! Cool stuff, but one problem is that it costs now about $8000 for both programs, Multisim and the add on program that will make the circuit board traces for you, just print and make. I was lucky to get a copy of the program, some benefits when working for a defense contractor and I also have the student version of it too from my schooling. The program is now at version 14.0 that I have.

    Otherwise, why do you ask? Curious...
    Typically when someone mentions something a few times they want to talk about it, not much data being posted at the moment so a story is interesting.
    Simulators are handy.

    Cant spend it when your dead.

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    I have a question to ask about what Peter was doing with the Mini-Beast. I've been re-watching the video of the presentation and I am curious about monitoring 4 batteries when he was talking about 3 batteries. Can I assume that the fourth battery is what is powering the battery swapping system since it needs to be charged too? Even though I am working with something simple with three batteries as RS is with his setup, just looking for 4th battery in Peter's setup.



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    The 4th Battery, is the rest battery right after a charge, and just sets there adsorbing the charge, until it is swapped into the bottom spot in the series powering batterys....

    in my system, the circuitry is powered from the SSG charged batterys, with a 3 battery swapper system, with Charge, Rest and Discharge into a inverter, etc.....

    the 4 battery swapper acts like a UPS power supply, for the 6 coil SSG battery charger and the PL back back pop circuit, and it's 3 battery swapper system...
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    Thanks for the info RS. Now getting more of the missing pieces to understand what's going on. Too bad I cannot hear what the questions are to know why the answers are given at times in the videos. I wish I had the right drive coil and more coil forms that I ordered. I still will work on what I can with what I have until then.

    Take care...


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    Hi Richard,

    I suggest that you get my 2017 Conference Presentation on the Poor Man's Swapper, where I demo Peters 4 battery swapper with manuel switching using Bedini's 6 Coil SSG, and my version of Peters back pop circuit as its load. This video shows Schematics of how the contactors are connected to the battery's and the rest of the system.

    That should help with your understanding.....
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    Hi RS,

    I got your presentation as soon as I received the email about it. I watch it multiple times to get all of the info I can. When you switch the batteries, what was the order of switching. The video is fixed so hard to see what is happening. Do you momentarily turn SSG off to switch batteries? I recall Peter talking about turning the trigger off to switch batteries when he was talking about the swapper. I keep re-watching Peter's presentation too to get all info that I can to help me understand what he was doing.

    Trying to fine tune what I have and I'm at 600 rpm's but get two pulses instead off one as you should. Getting close...

    Thanks for help RS

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    Yes, you HAVE TO TURN OFF the trigger/power to the SSG and the PL Back Pop Circuits during a Battery Swap on the 4 battery swapper, and / or the 3 battery SSG swapper, or you will blow up the SSG/SG circuits during the swaps....
    The order of swapping the 4 Battery swapper is Red ,Green, Purple, Blue.......

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    I've been thinking about turning trigger/power off but if the next battery to be the charge battery, if it is connected shortly before the actual charge battery gets swapped, you still have a load and I don't think having them both connected for a very short time would hurt anything before disconnecting the charge battery. I'm not familiar with the PL Back Pop circuits unless it's the diode talked about in the SG books, don't recall which one it was talked about, maybe the second one.

    Another question is that you use standard e-caps at the output of the SSG where in the first book they talk about using flash photo caps because they are made for quick charge/discharge and are a low impedance to the circuit? You don't want to use large value e-caps that have been sitting around for a while because after a while they produce hydrogen gas inside which could go blowup. Learned that from one company that makes e-caps where I work part-time. Just some info on e-caps.


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    Hi RS,

    You have mentioned the "fogal mods" on several occasions. Is this just the addition of the extra diode in the trigger circuit or does this also include the pot, bulb, and other things as well?

    I assume the extra diode causes a sharper turn off of the transistor to get a bigger spike? What is the overall effect of the "fogal mods"?
    Gary Hammond,

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    A lot of current would flow between the freshly charged battery, and the discharged battery, and it is never a good thing to make your contactors switch under load like that...... Turn off the trigger and the power to the SSG/SG circuits during a battery swap is best......

    I am guessing you mean the big Blue Caps on JB's 6 coil SSG.....? These caps are on the input side of the 24 Strand SSG circuit, and is a standard muility strand SSG circuit with the output Diodes, and does not have any caps on the output side of the SSG circuits. As this is not a Cap Discharge system.

    The SG circuit that PL showed in 2016, Back Pops the Charging Battery in the 4 battery system, and thus is a form of back popping.....

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