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Hi Aaron,
Anti-Lenz law is a misnomer and a lingo of the mainstream understanding of 'Free Energy' it directly violets the second law of thermodynamics..
Thermodynamics limits its explanation of the difference between Energy and Power.
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Just a further emphasis on this... In the Advance SG book Peter states 'No net force is not same as no force at all' this is same thing that follows in the Kromery as well.
The Lenz's law is altered in its form..there is effective cancellation of 'SHORTS' by the two asymmetrical e.m.f represented by the two windings that result a 'OPEN'(cancellation of shorts is nodal to an 'OPEN'). so that now actually having a SHORT at the terminal will speed up from the state of Lenz's opposition at 'OPEN'.
it is speed up from a opposition state cancelled..and not a speed up form a further Energy drain from the drive Power source.