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Thread: Zero Force Motor Replication Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by cristian alba View Post
    A new video with ZFM concept but with my glasses coils
    Yaro. Please. More up? How do you comment?
    best regard cristian alba
    Hello Cristian,

    I did view your well done video - glad that you are willing to share your research efforts. I do have a couple of comments:
    1) I assume that you were demonstrating the impact of the voltage increase on speed and the speed increase was noted as 5300 to 5800 RPM.
    2) Not sure what you mean by "glasses coil" - I assume that you have encapsulated the coils in a clear plastic. Correct?
    3) In the interest of international communication I suggest that you label your instruments with written tags (maybe on tape) describing the instrument reading volts or V, amps or A, etc... Language does not need boundaries when thoughtful video can be used. This also applies to the US members - Think Globally!

    My best to you - nice work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_ron View Post
    Hi Yaro,

    As has been shown a N pole is attracted to the S end of the coil. That is with the N pole over the coil

    Whereas over the gap it has exactly the reverse motion, hence the bipolar switch being used

    However, what if we could change the magnets polarity from when it is over the coil to when it is in the gap?

    Easy enough to do. With the two coil setup the gap is actually too big to make efficient use of this, This is why I chose to go to six coils and six gaps of equal size. Then double up on the number of magnets. Thus when I have a N pole over the coil I have S pole over the gap.

    Six coils, six gaps and 12 magnets per rotor. I pulse the coil only on a N pole being over a coil. The resulting action is to pull the N pole the length of the coil and repel/attract the S pole the length of the gap, a double power stroke for each pulse if you two rotors so both sides of a coil are used...

    However it is a good generator and Lenz is still present so some of the claims are put in question.


    Good explanation of your ZFM design and its inner workings - can't argue with success. The only question that arises is the fact that the coils are being pulsed with only one polarity of voltage. It is somewhat vague within JB's notes as to the overall importance of the polarity switching to the coils at low RPM, however as the RPM is increased there are other variables that come into play. There have been a couple of interesting effects that have been observed, and documented, and posted in the depths of this thread. These may be attributed to the polarity switching.

    With respect to Mr. Lenz and associated friends, well that subject has been covered by several experimenters and in the ZFM video. There is a Lenz effect evident in the motor - no question - really the point here is the magnitude. It appears to be on the low side from the o-scope screen shots in the video presentation...

    I encourage you to continue exploring the ZFM.
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    "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." -Neil Degrasse Tyson

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    Hi Cristian,

    Yaro wrote RPMs (in his post to you above) in the range of 5300 and 5800 for your motor setup shown in the above video but I think your meter displayed 2300 and 2800 RPMs, right? (His mistake was probably due to the upside-down meter display)

    I wrote to you a personal message the other day, you can see it in the top side of the forum in the 'Notifications' icon,

    Thanks, Gyula
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    Hi Christian,

    It looks like your coils are turned 90 degrees compared to the ZFM. Is that intentional? ZFM has magnets moving from one pole to the other as far as direction is concerned and you seem to have one pole only facing the rotor.
    Aaron Murakami

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    Interesting setups!

    Hi Cristian,

    Thank you for all your efforts to make these very interesting pulse motors and the videos on them. My heart was braking with sorrow when you put to pieces that 6 coil motor, LOL. But I know that your intention was to show everything and you did.

    In your latest video I think you used again the same heavy rotor (it has 4 kg mass) what you already used in the pitbull pulse motor setup, right? It is interesting to compare the results of the two different pulse motors running the same heavy rotor mass.
    (I think the pitbull pulse motor run at 9 V and drew around 410 mA and the RPM was around 1200.)


    PS Here is a google translation of the above text into Spanish, to make it easier for Cristian to understand everything.

    Hola Cristian,
    Gracias por todos sus esfuerzos para hacer estos motores de pulso muy interesantes y los videos que aparecen en ellos. Mi corazón estaba frenando de dolor cuando destrozaste ese motor de 6 bobinas, LOL. Pero sé que tu intención era mostrar todo y lo hiciste.

    En tu último video , creo que usaste nuevamente el mismo rotor pesado (tiene 4 kg de masa) lo que ya usaste en el pitbull configuración del motor de impulsos , ¿verdad? Es interesante comparar los resultados de los dos motores de impulsos diferentes que funcionan con la misma masa de rotor pesado.
    (Creo que el motor de pulso pitbull funciona a 9 V y dibujaba alrededor de 410 mA y el RPM era alrededor de 1200).

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