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Thread: Zero Force Motor Replication Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by cristian alba View Post
    Hello everyone
    in my last post, I have committed to catch up with my results with the Zero Force Motor of Bedini
    Here: -- you can leave a comment; good or bad I do not care
    best regard cristian alba
    Can you post your circuit? It is difficult to see it in the video.
    Aaron Murakami

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Murakami View Post
    Thanks James - so the input is the same.

    But the output - in the diagram, the cap is connected to the ground rail just like the DC neutral output of the bridge. Was yours like that or was the DC bridge output free floating direct to a cap without any connection to the ZFM circuit?
    Hi Aaron --

    The output from the Full Wave Bridge is the same hooked to the capacitors but the output to the load is switched with a pair of FETs that can switch 260 amps of current. Its not a direct connection to the load like the circuit you show but its a voltage charge level that switches the voltage and current to the load.

    -- James

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    Hello again, everyone and forgive for leaving you in Spanish
    Sorry for the absence, but I was out lately and I did not have Internet access.
    Good . To keep in mind that I have translated all this with google chrome, so by some inadvertence I apologize in advance
    The circuit that is claimed ...... Well, after Yaro told me that there are specific things with this engine, I came with the idea of modifying the fan application circuit of the Hall Hall AH276 controller.
    In the same way, I used this circuit in the last video in my ZFM replication. I am convinced that this has to be optimized, but it is a cheap alternative to the Cole-Bedini circuit
    I hope suggestions and comments; This is the circuit DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20171201071627.jpg
    best regard cristian alba


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