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Thread: 3D Printed Window Motor

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    3D Printed Window Motor

    I decided to put my 3D printer to use and make a window motor. This is a small one. The parts are no larger than 4 inches. If anyone is interested I may share the file on Thingiverse. Here is a video with more information on it.


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    Hi DMANN,

    This is not a window motor. Do not go the wrong way with Rick's misconception about the window motor. Your wooden model was a window motor.
    Otherwise the printed parts looks awesome. I am thinking something about the yellow rotor you showed. What would the efficiency be if the distance from the perimeter of the rotor to the magnets is less, so the magnets can get closer to the winding ?!?


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    Okay Lman, We will call it "just a pulse motor". On the gray remake there is 5/32" between the wire and magnets. The magnets are 2"X.5"X.25" nsnsns arrangement. I will have to do some energy recovery test to see where it is at and what sort of efficiency I can get from it.

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    What is the difference in the magnet to wire relationship between the "true Bedini/Cole window motor" and the RF model?

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    Hi DMANN,

    Whenever I see that coil arrangement I use to call it in my mind "the slit motor" or "the slot motor" because this is what it looks to me.
    I am not aware of any established or fixed magnet to coil distance that should be followed when building either window motor or Rick's variation. The point was that since the coil is air core the interaction between the fields of the magnet and the coil will be stronger when they are closer to each other.
    I had to convert 5/32" to mm and it looks like close enough to me, especially with neodimium magnets.
    On the gray rotor is that a magnet sticking out of the plastic that is seen, or it is a tape that you put to measure the RPMs ??


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    So I have reconfigured the design to better reflect the Bedini/ Cole Window Motor. Here is a picture.IMG_20160712_220047_459 (2).jpg I have the wire on hand. I am going to use small diameter wire on this one with a larger number of turns versus my first wooden window motor. There will also be solid state switching instead of a commutator. I should have my shaft material by the end of the week. The Neo magnets for this one are 2" X 1" X .5". They will be in the ns arrangement.

    IMG_20160712_220109_976 (3).jpg
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    Here is the Window Motor wired up to a one battery SSG circuit. The big neo's were too much for this set up. It caused severe magnetic lock when I powered it up to the bedini/ cole half circuit. I ended up taking the rotor off of the Rick F model and using it for this model. I am going to put both models up on Thingiverse Sunday night. The files can be downloaded for free there. There will be a parts list included there as well. You will be on your own for the circuit and wire choice.

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    Scalability: I did this video to show a progression of the time I took to come up with a simple printable design. While others ideas and designs laid the foundation, it took some time to put it in AutoCad and then print and figure the exact sizes to fit the magnets, shaft, bearings,...etc. You will see a few models that were printed during the consideration process. While the final designs have room for improvement they present parts that can be printed on a small 3D printer, scalable to fit the needs of the experimenter, and at least somewhat visually appealing. The functionality depends on a few factors. The dimensional capabilities of the 3D printer being used and the materials used. You may also need to balance the rotor. I have not done any balancing on my rotor. The bearings are crome plated steel and the shaft is hardened smooth steel rod. Despite these limitation on mine it still shows some desirable affects. It will run down to between 10-20ma (Window Motor). That being said, if you are going to run it at high rpms please do not take any short cuts. You operate this device at your own risk.


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    Very nice job. I will give it a shot if my printer stops acting crazy.

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