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Thread: Free Energy Ambassador for Ubuntu USA and My First Bedini SG

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    Question Free Energy Ambassador for Ubuntu USA and My First Bedini SG

    Hi. I am the Free Energy Ambassador for Ubuntu USA - [Ubuntu USA]. My role as the Free Energy Ambassador is to find sources of free alternative energy and implement these on a global scale, starting with Ubuntu Communities. As a right of initiation (and just to get my feet wet) I am building my first free energy device, I have decided to build a Bedini SG Beginner's model with guidance from Aaron Murakami. Aaron suggested I build my Bedini with the wheel in a horizontal configuration so that I can add more coils later on. I have ordered all of the parts listed in the Beginner's Handbook as well as an "all plastic" wheel:
    Bedini SG Parts.jpg

    Note: I know I have to remove the tire from the wheel. Just haven't done it yet.

    The first question I have at this time is what material to use for the mounting plate? (see image below)
    Bedini SG Wiring Diagram with Question.jpg

    My second question is what is the best method for fastening the ceramic magnets to the plastic wheel?

    I will likely have more questions to follow as I begin assembling my Bedini.

    Thank you!
    Ed Becnel
    Ubuntu USA
    Free Energy Ambassador

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    Hi Ed

    In regard to mounting plate material, it is best to use something that in non-magnetic. I have used wood, HDPE (high density polyethylene cutting boards that I plastic-welded together), perf-board, acrylic sheeting with solvent glue, etc Look around the site for ideas, and come up with something that works for you. I try to remain "creative" when building these devices, as I have an affinity towards form+function being true art.

    In regard to fastening the magnets to the wheel, it depends on what the wheel is made out of. If the material it is made of is HDPE, nothing really sticks to it, so one must be creative. Usually with most plastic (and aluminium) wheels, one can just use a good "super glue" and then make sure to wrap the magnets (around the circumference of the wheel) with strapping tape that has embedded fiber strands. This should keep the magnets from flying off, and destroying things. Also, after you place the magnets, and strapping, you need to take special care to balance the wheel. I usually use small stick-on wheel weights (placed on the inside facing wall of the rim, so the centrifugal force keeps them stuck on), meant for performance automotive wheels, that I procure from a local tire company--though one could use screws, or any number of things to balance the wheel.

    In regard to "the search for free energy"...while over-unity is probably won't find much help here. These "over-unity" energy techniques are closely guarded, and just when you think someone is providing helpful information, they "go dark" and they never speak to you again. I have personal experience in that regard, right here, on this site, with persons at the very top of this technology. Probably the best you can hope for, unless you have some sort of beginners luck, or deep pockets for endless experimenting (I am a disabled man, and do not have deep pockets), is to have a really good battery charger that you built with your own hands. Best of luck to you...
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    ~ Padmé Amidala ~

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    Thank you so much for your reply James. I hear you and am aware of this. We now have an entire political organization to see this thru to fruition and hope to be working together with the Free Energy guys in Spokane for their guidance. We will not give up based on past failures. Together we can all make a difference.

    BTW, this Bedini is just a starter for me. I understand it isn't the solution we need. A most promising invention I have found is Veljko Milković's 2 stage mechanical oscillator. It is easy to build and with a few modifications, I believe it can run itself while providing usable energy output. Check it out at:

    Here is a PDF describing the principle upon which it functions. It is amazingly simple:
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    Hi Ed

    My first SG energizer was a classic upright bike wheel version. Over the month that I tested it, It gradually conditioned the battery to a point where it took less joules to charge than to discharge...not by much...but it definitely did about 1.25>COP. Not bad for a BiFilar single transistor set-up.

    My projects have much bigger coils now, and are mostly solid state, but I plan to do some versions of the wheeled units, in various forms including the Zero-force motor, as well.

    I am about ready to test out my newest SS-SG on some really big batteries I am trying to restore (1000> amp/hour per 12 volt set). It is a pretty cool set up (the charger).

    I am interested in what you are doing. PM me if you want to share a bit more.
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    ~ Padmé Amidala ~

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    As no one has gotten to this let me be the first to ask really!? You are the free energy ambassador for Ubuntu? I'm running Ubuntu now, like what maybe 100 million others. Is this effort a sanctioned one on your part? Sorry for all the questions, you had me at Milkovic.

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    Hi ZPDM

    An understandable misunderstanding (twist of words...hehehe)

    I run Ubuntu as well. However, the Ubuntu that Ed is talking about is not the OS. It's a philosophy that hopes to liberate the world. Here is a couple links for you:

    I have been following the movement, off-and-on, for a couple years. It is very interesting, but for the same reasons that over-unity devices are crushed by TPTB, I doubt it will gain traction. Incidentally, the Ubuntu OS has a similar philosophy in regard to computing and internet freedom--that's why they named it Ubuntu..

    Here is the Wiki definition:

    Hope that clears things up for you...
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    ~ Padmé Amidala ~

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    What is Ubuntu?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZPDM View Post

    As no one has gotten to this let me be the first to ask really!? You are the free energy ambassador for Ubuntu? I'm running Ubuntu now, like what maybe 100 million others. Is this effort a sanctioned one on your part? Sorry for all the questions, you had me at Milkovic.
    There may be some confusion on what Ubuntu is being referenced here.
    Ubuntu is from an African concept of unity and the Ubuntu movement is one brought forward by Michael Tellinger, a South African who was running for President under the Ubuntu party.
    It is about contributionism, meaning, contribute to your fellows. Build better lives for our communities and the quality of life for you will be reflected in that level of contribution.
    This is in opposition to the debt slavery and money driven system of the bankers and corporations, actively driving our planet into extinction.

    The OS "Ubuntu" is a good example of Open Source technology that shows how this ideology can work.
    Better systems for the people by the people. No agenda or backdoors for control or spying on the private citizens.
    It improves constantly as the coders make imrpovements, often as volunteers.

    I hope that clears things up.
    You can look up "Michael Tellinger Ubuntu" to get it straight from the source.

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    Ah yes of course that Ubuntu, silly me, cool. So, uh, not much point now in the whole "I'll sell out for 20 million and not a penny less!" scam huh? Seriously Ed, welcome to this site, there are a lot of bright and knowledgeable people here and on Energetic forum willing to help with specific build questions, I can't say I really get it all but I have seen a few interesting things fiddling around with stuff, it is interesting to consider that induction is in part dictated by rate of change. Nothing against this forum, but in your place I might focus on the Milkovic stuff. I haven't built an oscillator but it is all crowbar steel and hammers and pumps, it he is right about COP 10+, there is no ether to come and save you now. By this I mean, you can put your hands on any part of the thing, it is simple, if it is OU where is it coming from? Also I would suspect for such devices that are valid, if we understand them we will also likely have insight into things related to electricity and magnetism where we perhaps both don't understand and can't see what is happening. There is video, it may even be available on the internet of John Bedini demonstrating a pendulum, as opposed to rotary, version of his battery charger. It is difficult to say unless competent people try but there may be a possibility for overlap between the two approaches. Lastly, if you really do have any funds to throw around just give a grant to Velko and let him build a lot of his pendulum powered water pumps for rural areas if the pumps are an improvement. Might make a big difference for a lot of people. Of course you might also want to keep an eye on Mr. Milcovik, he talks in one of his videos about possibly rehabilitating convicts by having them peddle his machines to provide power for the city. "Phase Tieu" he calls it, alright I made up the last part. And really, great work-out, pride of contributing to the community, a little money, it actually is a great rehabilitative idea barring a prison riot, sorry. But genuinely if Velko has a superior water pump, forget the whole free energy bit, why not just put it out in a thousand villages in rural Africa down in the grass and roots.
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    Hi James! Glad to hear you're interested in my involvement with the Ubuntu Movement. Also, thanks for helping ZPDM to understand what Ubuntu is that I am referring to. Most everyone I mention Ubuntu to gives me the same puzzled reaction because their thinking of the Ubuntu Linux OS. Perfectly understandable. Sure, if you'd like to talk offline, you may reach me at:

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    Hi ZPDM. I understand the misunderstanding of which Ubuntu I'm referring to. When I first heard about Ubuntu, I also thought it was the Linux OS! BTW, I am a software engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering, FWIW. I am really fascinated by Milković's 2 stage mechanical oscillator. I've never seen anything like it before. For Peter Lindemann to actually go to Serbia to see it for himself and come back believing that this device really does do what it claims it does is a testament to its validity. I have an idea for adding a flywheel and crankshaft to the output side of the device to see if some of this energy could be utilized to run a generator (with gearing to increase the speed) as well as feed some of the energy back to the input to keep the pendulum swinging. But anyway, I don't want to pollute this thread talking too much about Milković's invention. I'll confine my replies and question to my Bedini. Thanks for all the great ideas and comments! If you'd like to continue this discussion offline, you can reach me at or perhaps we could start a new discussion thread in a different area regarding the oscillator.

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