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Thread: New Medium Sized Machine

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    Hey guys,
    So the other rod I tried seems to be working a bit better. I knew these things would wear as Gary says, it's going to happen. For what it's worth I am using the rod from a ground marker flag, you know like the ones they use to mark water pipes or gas lines. You can get them at any hardware store. Also the welding rods may work better than my first set did because I am figuring out the best angle of attack and the pressure to put on them, all contribute to the wear. Gary I think your probably right that brushes would be best but I am just trying simple things. Eventually I may tear a motor apart and see if I can use some parts.

    Anyway I have been tinkering all day with it so I didn't get a run in to show. I am going to shoot a little video of this thing in action and let it run a few hours but I don't have time for a full run. I will post a bit later with an introduction video for this new machine.

    Thanks for all the input guys, will post back a bit later with a video.

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    Hi BobZilla

    Cool...can't wait to see how it runs.

    I need to find out how to do the video thing, as my current project is getting close to complete...anyone good at tutoring for videos??? Hook a Bro up???
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

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    Hi James,

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesgray3rd View Post
    .......... Back in the day, we ran high output coils on muscle cars, and when the points pitted, we could just file them with a file made for that, and then we were literally "back to the races." ...........
    Yeah I burned up lots of points back in the day. I even went so far as to build a cap discharge unit from plans in a magazine for my '67 Mustang GT with 390 engine.
    It ran the engine OK but caused the tach to read 5500 RPM at idle, so I didn't use it! That beast could crank 6000 RPM and went through points in about 5000 miles or so. Didn't do much better on tires either.
    Gary Hammond,

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    Hi Gary

    Hahaha! Ya, we did the same things! Some of us even tried big Malory ignition transformers (geese! I think that coil was 3 inches thick by 4 inches wide by 6-7 inches tall--maybe 8) and ran them reverse polarity with a toggle switch...whew! burn them points up! If we only knew...I had a 327 kept busting motor mounts crushing the distributor against the hood, until I put solid mounts on only Ford was a 54 pickup with a 351 and a C-4 tranny I put a shift kit in. Shifted so hard it finally tore the transmission in half...ouch! Anyway, sorry BobZilla, just reminiscing...
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    ~ Padmé Amidala ~

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    No problem James ;-)

    I started working on cars just as they were all going over to computerized stuff and injection systems etc. Late 80's cars and beyond but I am no mechanic, just replacing alternators, starters and random parts.

    So I do have that run underway but the chart is not doing much so far. I may have been a little ambitious, all day I have been messing around on one garden battery and for this run I threw two on there. I think I will let it run over night and see how it looks before heading out to work in the morning.

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    Hi BobZilla

    Ok, cool...keep us posted...
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    ~ Padmé Amidala ~

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    Here is a video of the new machine. You will see in the video but this is running on a very minimal consumption, the charging is not very fast. I do plan to shoot some more video with some different timing configurations I have already discovered with it. I will probably just keep to a single garden battery for now as well.

    I am excited about this machine. It may not seem like much when you see this run but I can see a lot of potential with this thing.

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    Interesting build Bob. Good luck with it.

    John K.

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    Hi Bob

    Did you use your own CNC or have a shop cut the components out?

    I agree, that's an interesting build. I'm curious how long the contacts last with that arcing, but hey, they're only made of wire, and as long as you have wire, it runs...We'll probably all be doing something similar when if/when we can't get transistors...might as well be trying to build them that way now...right?
    Best regards

    James, somewhere in Idaho

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    ~ Padmé Amidala ~

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    Thanks for checking it out John. Keep an eye on this thread because this is only getting started. I have a ton of options with this setup and it will run much harder and faster than what I am showing right now.

    James I designed all of the parts in a CAD program which is provided by the machine shop and then submitted the drawings for machining. It is quite expensive but I could never produce anything like this on my own. I built for several years with wood and wheels, lots of glue and screws but now I am confident enough to lay down the money for precision parts. NOTHING against guys out there who put together machines with whatever they can find, as I said I did it for years myself.

    Here is a link to the shop I used, I also used them for my big machine in the intermediate section.


    I am doing a small run right now with the other timing arrangement I mentioned in the video. It will not be a full run either but I think it is important for you guys to see what I mean about it. The way I had it set in the last one was set to trigger just as the magnet approached the core, this one is just after. You would think ok attraction and repulsion but not exactly because the first way actually had switch closed all the way through the approach and the retreat which baffles me. It was a pull/push action that reduced the current draw way down.

    By the way I have ordered some 19awg to build some coils for this thing. The main reason it is so slow is because those coils have a lot of resistance. I will try to post a new video later tonight.


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