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Thread: Newman Energy Machine: Misunderstood and tragic

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    Should be ready for smoke test by friday.
    The commutator is ready for the brushes and have lovejoyed it to rotor shaft. (5/8" to 1")
    Epoxy comes tomorrow to finish the rotor.
    Need correct caps.
    Keepin' on,
    bro d

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    Friday: The Small Newman passed the smoke test.
    Need help with caps.
    bro d
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    4 micro wave oven caps (about 1uF X 2000V in oil) stopped the sparking at 70v and about 255rpm.
    The batteries seem to be maintaining their present charge have to let it run.
    bro d
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    Batteries are getting hot and running down rapidly.
    Commutator drags it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brodonh View Post
    Batteries are getting hot and running down rapidly.
    Commutator drags it down.
    Hi Brod,

    How have you wired /and or wound the coils the top and the botttom coils?
    they look trifilar each??
    Your Capacitor are just about correct.. you can try a combination of series and parallel of the value you have.. this must be in parallel to the coils.
    if your commutators are not working 'properly'.. the batteries are draining faster than they excite the coils(ON TIME) may also have to increase the number of turn in the coils this will increase the A-T (Ampere-turns) and also the input impedance to the coils for that DC Voltage (108V) and will drain the battery slower..but here is some learning... the Newman batteries would never drain if you had the coils correct in configuration.. another charateristic of the Newman motor is that it is more a Torque motor than speed..hence if you have a high speed motoring, it is way away from the Newman effect.
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    Hi Faraday88,
    Glad to hear from you.
    Are you feeling better?

    60lbs of trifiler #18 wire.

    I don't want to buy more #18 wire because I plan to use what is on the this Newman coil for another project.

    I was mistaken about having 100lbs of #18 wire, only 60.

    I'll get 100lbs of smaller gauge wire and replace the #18. (5-filer)

    I'm planning the bigger motor now and I'll reuse the smaller gauge wire for that coil.

    With fresh batteries I'm running @ about 325rpm.

    bro d
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    Lost bedini video 2018 from energybat labs.

    Hi To ALL

    Energybat labs is going to start coming out with products to sell
    in the next 6 mo's, that you can used, see list below.

    If you want to be on a list please send me a email at
    and i will let you know the products will be selling.

    You can see some of my work at my website here,

    See below some screen shots from the video below.

    Brodonh nice Newman motor !!

    Thanks for your time.

    Geoffrey at EBL

    1. Lost BEDINI 1984 video
    2. Battery rotating board
    3. The best battery charging board in the world
    4. A Joe NEWMAN motor kit
    5. A 3 phase NEWMAN motor/ gen. set

    Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.59.58 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.57.39 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.57.56 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.58.13 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.58.28 PM.jpg

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    [QUOTE=geoffrey sr miller;28141]Hi To ALL

    Brodonh nice Newman motor !!

    Hi Jeff, thanks for noticing.

    This motor is a trial run to prepare for the conference build sheet motor.

    Plans with no "loose ends" should sell.

    $2k wire says no stupidos.

    Thanks again,
    bro d

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    you all keep'n up with Russ:

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    And number two has just been added:


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