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Thread: Plexiglass rotor (for old 10 Coils Kit)

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    Plexiglass rotor (for old 10 Coils Kit)

    I finally received the rotor in plexiglass for the modification of the 10 coils kit .
    I am sorry for the long wait but I have to re-do it because the 20 slot was to tight.
    These rotor is especially for the people that have already the old 10 Coils Kit, and wont to change the aluminum rotor whit the neo magnets and put the plexi whit the ceramic magnets.
    The 20 slot in the rotor need to be finished : you have to square of the corners ( see video )
    I did these for mine 10 Coil, so if somebody wont to buy one you can call KEL-TECH Plastics and speak directly whit Leslie Harris at 253 472 9654. They still have the CNC program saved .
    Her address :

    KEL TECH 253 472 9654
    Tacoma WA 1 800 535 8324
    Kel-Tech Plastics | Leading manufacturer in plastic displays and custom fabrication

    I have pay it $236.00 for mine (actually more for the re-do it ) but these is the price of today plus shipping ecc. I am not involved whit the company and I do not make any many ,I wont to be clear. But if you are still interested ,Leslie is a nice person and the one to talk to ,because she dealt already whit me and she will understand what you want.

    I made a quick video whit the dimension ecc.

    I hope that these will help somebody and continuing experimenting.

    Saluti Ralph

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    Thanks Ralph,
    show us a video when you have it running. Didn't you have to either cut the magnets in half or modify the support structures that hold the front piece and back piece together?

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    Hi Howard,
    excuse me for not responding prior to your email, but I was expecting that the company did the rotor.
    Yes you have to change the frame (cut the space for the magnet in the two U pieces ) and the spacer for the shaft also need to be change (the plexiglass is one inch thick)
    I have the # 18 magnet wire and I am ready to start soon the new adventure.
    I will be happy to make a video when it is finished

    Saluti Ralph

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    Just curious but what about balancing?


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    Hi Les,
    for balancing? I have a friend of a friend that have a big machine shop and perhaps I can convince him to balance me the rotor. Let see wen I will be there.....

    Saluti Ralph

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    Hi Ralph,
    Since that is for the ten coil that is indeed a very big project. I have not found any local shops even for the six coil rotor I am making. I may have to just make my own prop balancer and try that.

    Thanks Ralph

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    Hi Ralph,

    Nice work. Thought Id chime in here because I have built a few rotors out of plexiglass almost identical to the one above. Some pointers for those who may be considering manufacturing or ordering their own.

    I got my rotor CNC'd at a place called lasermade. Made the mistake of getting one laser cut, Only to find that the laser doesnt cut square through thicker materials, or so they said. So if you are going to order one make sure you specify CNC (machined). I built a jig to help position the magnets so they all would have the same air gap. Some bosses fixed to the center allow for the shaft to be pinched with grub screws.

    Also, Plexi or acrylic can be not perfectly flat. I have had a small wobble in all of my rotors, simply due to the varying thickness of the material. It doesnt affect the air gap however.


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    I am thinking of having some made from apple plywood if there is interest

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers

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    I have had very good luck getting machine work done at my local vocational/technical center.

    Cost: Being an advisor to the program. This means going to two ro three meetings a year, enjoying a free meal and supporting the instructor in getting tools & materials for the class.


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    Hi Ralph,

    How is progress on your 10 Coiler?

    I have finally completed my plexi rotor, decided to go in a little different direction. wanted go with full 2"... but WOW when i saw the price of the material. I had some extra 3/4" so decided to sandwich 2 pieces together with a spacer in the center that compensates for the difference of the magnet width. My next changes involve the spacers and then re-winding my coils.



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