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Thread: Pastor Gordon's First try at Bedini Energizer

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    Does the bicycle wheel have to be NON-Magnetic??? I see the video of John using a wheel that the magnets stick too... so I assume it IS magnetic, but I read elsewhere that the wheel should NOT be metal???

    I tested my wheel, and my magnets stick right too it. Although the wheel is not magnetic itself, meaning that other metals do not stick to it... But it IS made from some kind of steel... is this going to be bad or what?
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    Hi Pastor G. I have always heard that you should not use steel wheels. There were some kits sold that came with a steel wheel. When I asked about the steel thing I was told you could use steel but it was better to use non-magnetic material


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    Yeah, he says its preferred, but that you can still get amazing results from a regular bike wheel!!! lol, for ME that's promising cause that's all I got at the moment

    I get paid on the fourth Wednesday of each month... my wife works, but most of her income is "untouchable" for a reason

    So I plan on buying some goodies at the end of the month once I see how much is left after my bills... I KNOW I'm getting some transistors, magnets and some wood for framing it all up (using the wheel I have)

    If you guys find anything I can use that is NON magnetic, and costs around $20 TOTAL (price plus shipping) then PLEASE let me know!!! I don't care if its used... as long as its straight and has bearings!
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    please look on amazon, I have seen rims on there as low as 12 dollars, and if you have prime its free shippng. 26 inch bike rim..... STA-TRU is the brand on another note, I have built Sg energisers with JB several times, we always used steel bike rims. either will work but steel make sit easier to mount the magnets.

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    How important is it that it is 26"?? The steel wheel I have now is 21 inch.

    The cheapest 26" aluminum wheel I can find online is around 25-30 bucks...

    On a side not... my welding rods came in today
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    a well balanced 21 inch rim will be so much better than a small dia, wheel /// it is the heart of the ssg
    when you get a wheel magnet spacing how many magnets and spin time is next
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    Awesome!! I am slowly getting the things I need to build the bigger wheel... in the meantime, I re-built the entire circuit for my little machine today. I used THIS schematic of the SSG circuit, cause I think its the same as Johns, but easier for me to understand than the other one shared with me... Definitely different than Daftman's circuit!

    I have to say that my little machine is running very nicely!!! I really like this wire-wound 1k pot too!!! Its so much easier to use than the linear pots I got from the Shack! The "Sweet spot" if I'm measuring right is around the middle of the turn... its definitely not running at max RPM, but seems (if I'm reading it right) to not put out as much voltage at max RPM... It seems to be working great for a little machine with only 4 magnets, even though I have NOT had the chance to change out the core material with these welding rods yet...

    I have 4 AA batteries hooked up as the primary, and 4 AAA batteries hooked up as the charging battery. At the moment I have all alkaline on it, but I'm here watching it at the moment. I can switch between battery banks as needed...

    My real question here is this, HOW do you measure voltage and current being produced verses the amount of voltage and current being used??? I'm really confused about where to place my leads to get the right readings.

    Can I get any help with where to place my leads to get accurate readings??? Please refer to the circuit schematic I posted so I will understand where you are talking about. I want to figure out voltage and amperage... for usage and charge rate.


    Here's pics of the little box redone... I disconnected the DC power jack, and never mind those caps, there not hooked up...



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    I'm a bit confused... I let my little machine run all night last night by accident. It was running from 4 AAA batteries as primary battery, and charging up 4 AA rechargeable batteries. When I woke up this morning, not only had the machine stopped, but all the batteries are completely dead, primary and charge batteries... completely drained. What went wrong other than me letting it run unattended???

    On a side note... I have 20 ceramic batteries ordered for my large wheel, and it MAY BE POSSIBLE that I have found a 26" wheel... not sure yet, also not sure if its magnetic or not yet... I have managed to get the materials I need to build the frame, and make it adjustable so I can change wheel
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    Hi Pastor G. Read the output voltage just like you read a battery. Reading the output amperage is not going to be very helpful at this stage for you. Output is pulsed dc and the meters don't read it well anyway. Do not run you ssg without a charging battery. It only takes an instant to destroy a transistor or at the least damage one or damage a diode. They may not go out completely but will ruin performance. That may be what has happened to your ssg. You may have a leaky diode or tranny or both.


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