Hi all,
Thought I would give you an update with the coil winding progress so far. I now have built another test rig to see if there was any limitation to the size of the coils and the amount of power one can extract from them. The rig was built by using one of my bike wheels ……drilling 14 equally spaced holes around the perimeter for a cross bolt to mount the super pole magnets…. 1” X 2” X 3”……mounting on the 1” X 2” face. Two magnets ½ X 2 X 3 glued north to north. They were mounted with nylon banding strap and wood spacers to keep things in line and keep the magnets from flying off. This whole thing is totally disaasembleable for any additional modifications. I did pull test the strapping and it will offer the safety I need for this setup. OK now I have the super pole magnets all setup and ready for different coils for testing.
I then took some junk particle board and built a very quick 3 sided box in which I could mount 1 or three coils. My intention is to see if I can trigger three coils all at once from the same magnet super pole. I know, I know, I am way outside the box here! ….but this is where I need to go.
The coils I have wound are 8 lead #18 @ 193’ long with a trigger of #19 added along with the wind. I built the compact transistor package and mounted it onto an aluminum angle so I could easily use any or all of the transistors at once. All Transistors and diodes were matched.
I wound this 8 lead +1 trigger coil onto a 4” X 4.5” ....1" dia core
spool and then hooked it up for testing to fire all eight at once. I noticed some initial output and then nothing. I did some testing and could not easily find the problem. So I went back to basics and used one transistor and one lead to see if I could make things work very simply. After hooking up and getting the scope on it I fired it up and noticed that the pulse was very irratic and the tranny wanted to fire multiple times. Even though I had a large pot hooked up for variable resistance it was hard to make the tranny fire with one pulse. Once I had the pulse setup I noticed the wave form on the scope and it was very wide both on the top and bottom “square looking” and short and fat. About 2 minutes into testing the transistor burned. This then led me to find the burned tranny on the aluminum angle. So now I was stumped as to why things went wrong.
Thinking back to the 7 lead coil, 4 lead coil, and single coil, that I was using to charge those monster L16’s with not long ago I stated comparing notes. The 8 lead coil is 193’ long and failed. The 7 lead coil is 132’ long and works. How well I do not know! The quality of the pulse!
When comparing the magnetic pulse on the underside of the core things were much different. The small single coil had a very intense pulse to it when felt with a small screwdriver ….when the magnet passed by. As the coil leads were added the magnetic pulse becomes weaker. It seems the core and windings become saturated magnetically and takes time to ready for the next magnet pass. Maybe this is why john’s big ferris machine turns so slow and is so far between magnets as his coils are huge on this setup. I now realize that John knew this and this and is why his 7 lead SSG coil uses a big fan blade to slow it down. The coil needs time to desaturate between magnetic pulses.

All in all it seems as if I have reached the ultimate threshold of maximum coil size and build. My next step is to try shortening up the length of the 8 lead coil to 132’ to see if I can get it to work. The magnetic saturation thing on the core is a big problem though. Looks like the RPM thing is not as important now!.....especially with the bigger coils. This is why Johns 10 coiler is limited to 4 leads per coil. He knows that the magnetic saturation is a problem that he cannot work around. Paul Babcock also touched on this very subject briefly during his lecture at the conference and can be seen on the “Magnetic Secrets “ offered by Peter Lindemann.
It takes time for the energy to get into the coil and completely out of the coil between magnet passes. Thus the longer the length of coil lead the longer one must wait between magnet passes which translates into RPM. I have stumbled across this info and want all of you to learn from my mistakes. Bigger is not always better!
Here is a combined photo of 4 scope shots side by side. The first three are of the standard SSG bike wheel and the far right photo is if the super pole magnets with the larger coil.


I do not know if any of this makes sense from a scope point of view. This is beyond my knowledge!

After shortening the 8 lead coil to 132’ long it was retried and it will not run the super pole wheel. It just barely keeps the wheel turning and then ever so slowly stops. Just for the grins I tried using the four lead coil and it did run the super pole wheel slowly. So I know it will work……..somewhere in the middle of things.