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Thread: The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build

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    I've narrowed it down to being caused by arcing. Speed of the rotor is only a factor as far as generating higher voltages. I was using multiple reed switches and possibly a loose connection. I tried it on a different machine and could only reproduce it by double arcing a reed switch. Purposely making a loose connection to it. I know from past experience trying to find a connection between static electricity and magnetic electricity, it is the spark gap. There are probably other factors involved here too though.

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    Here's another way to switch it w/o using the reed:
    NPN switched.jpg

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    Nice, I'll have to try it. I kind of got side tracked for awhile. I was trying stuff with spark gaps on a smaller machine. I went for real high speed using mosfet and cap. got it up to 250V no amps of course. Not good for battery charging but I was trying to see what effect the spin forces have on radiant energy magnetically. My conclusion was you need mass. When it's small it collapses on itself all the time. Makes me want to try spinning coils instead of magnets.

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    I'm going to try using a energizer to spin a D.C. motor. Never tried this before. Nineteen inch diameter, on a motor from a treadmill. It already had a flywheel, should work like a harmonic balancer. The motor has drag to it of course but it got enough leverage it shouldn't take much from a coil. It will take me awhile to finish it, just wanted to show the printed wheel. DC motor.jpg dc motor specs.jpg

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    I found out something interesting about this wheel. I didn't work with just a single coil. Pulsing a single coil barely moved it. So I would have to fire multiple coils in parallel or design a stronger coil, either way it would eat more amperage. I'm not sure of the physics of this but probably is weight against gravity. I changed it to only two magnets and I had the same power to move the wheel with only one coil I had when it wasn't connected to a motor and it was horizontal. So why not use multiple coils and build a DC version of a rotating magnetic field?

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    In case there is anybody experimenting with conical coils, I found a way to improve it. Make it as wide as it is long, air core, wide ends together. Bifilar each end with one low impedance wire, one high. Put these in series, then both sides in parallel. It works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notsure View Post
    In case there is anybody experimenting with conical coils, I found a way to improve it. Make it as wide as it is long, air core, wide ends together. Bifilar each end with one low impedance wire, one high. Put these in series, then both sides in parallel. It works.

    Hi Notsure,

    What do you mean by saying, one high impedance wire and the other low impedance you mean to say they are of different sizes..?
    What similarity does Conical coil structure with the Flat pancake coil (Tesla's Patent)..?
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    I used 25 and 30 gauge wire. I said impedance because it's not resistance, using a resistor won't work. Don't know exactly why this works better but it does. The improvement of the series parallel connections is that now the coil has magnetic direction. It's more like a solenoid, instead of pushing the magnet out or pulling it in, it moves it right or left, up or down. Flipping the coil around doesn't change direction of the magnet, only polarity of the current does. It doesn't matter what position the magnet is to the coil either. I would like to try it with a piece of iron instead of a magnet and see if it's any different.
    I don't think anybody knows the physics here, me either. Just theories. Only observations on what happens. Pancake coil has no hole in the center, the conical coil is all about the hole. I think basically it's about compression and expansion.
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    Status of the 3D Monopole Kits

    To anyone who attended the 2016 conference,
    Did John Bedini discuss the status of the 3D Monopole Kits he proposed last August?

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    Hi ReggieGM3

    I wouldn't hold your breath. If you look back in this thread, you will see where there was a lot of encouragement and information given for building these "little" motors. John even said he would be meeting with me "soon" at one point. I had hoped to ask some important questions that would have helped me become more energy independent. However, something happened at that time--probably several computers were hacked (my only explanation) and then everyone with relevance on the topic went dark. I tried asking questions and tried PM'ing some of these people, but they avoided me like the plague. I suspect the leading contributor(s) was (were) threatened. I have literally lost any faith in REAL USEFUL information being given out, here. In regard to the conference, I have limited income and would never be able to afford going to it, and the videos only elude to information that would need to be found by doing expensive experiments, few can afford. Probably, your best bet would be to read the three SG manuals, and the earlier posts on this thread (before certain individuals went dark), and hope you stumble onto something before the power goes off for good. That is what I'm doing. Best of luck...
    Best Regards ~ James, Somewhere In Idaho

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