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Thread: The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build

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    Hi guyzzemf

    So, looking at these illustrations, the first attachment showing the "low pressure gradients returning along the dielectric plane" are what John was trying to explain to me as having a spiralling four cloverleaf configuration, and the dielectric plane is a representation of the "Bloch wall" as per John's description? And, the rest of the illustrations show how the vortices react in space? Am I interpreting this correctly? Thank you for providing these illustrations.
    Best Regards ~ James, Somewhere In Idaho

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    My Machine

    At All,
    Yes that is correct as you all seem to be grasping this. This is not an easy field to work in because it's like a starving artist in a way as you have no support and you must do things on your own. You will end up talking to yourself while you experiment on magnetic fields, and where does the energy come from? But look at it this way, if there is a second law of Thermal Dynamics the opposite must be true. Nature does not conform to that law as we see it. Nature moves everything as a negative energy zero force until you block it, for example the sun seems to be hot as we see it but what if it is not and it only seems hot because of the rays that strike the atmosphere. What if it is just a glowing ball of magnetism? What if the magnetic field is separated and the glowing force is neutral like the Bloch wall in a magnet. The next question is have we been taught to only see it one way and there is a second school of thought only known to the few and not the general public, I think so. Magnets are a very cold forces or they would not be magnets once they aligned there is no eddy currents to slow anything down or generate heat or the magnet would destroy itself, eddy currents only appear in a waste condition which is heat. Back EMF is another miss used term back EMF is not that spike that appears that burns your circuits out back EMF is always lower than the voltage put into the coil as it is the heat process (waste), just go think about it. That little spike is where all the magic is whether you want to believe it or not. The SSG is designed to have parallel circuits to take advantage of capturing all the spikes it can and add them together. The next issue is the current in the base of the transistors and to control it with the amount of current you apply to it. As you decrease that the machine will increase in speed to a point of self-oscillation at which point you have a radiant oscillator of which will run a one wire circuits using the plug circuits of which there are many as can be seen on the cover of my book Free Energy Generation. The energy from the Radiant circuits is a very different beast and has to be converted to be used and then youíre dealing with time charges so it may not work in a battery the same way however that can be converted too. So here is a picture of what that magnet looks like from my lab notes from the 80ís this is a little more complex than people think and you will be dealing in the quantum mechanics reality. More laterÖÖ.
    John B
    John Bedini
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    John B,

    Thanks for all that you have been sharing...

    Is it critical to get the inductor/coil(s) into resonance on your machines? Is resonance what makes the current draw so low? If so, is there a way to determine what the frequency needs to be on any given coil without a scope, signal generator or other expense device?

    Thanks, Brent

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    John Bedini

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I would like to give some food for thought, not trying to sell anything here. What if you reverse the general idea that light is a manifestation of the electric? That actually it's the other way around? That by saying energy can't be created or destroyed, your really saying light can't be created or destroyed? The power company uses magnetism to sell you electricity but your not paying for magnetism. They are selling you light and heat by way of resistance to magnetism. So I don't think you can create something that's already there, it's the resistance to it, long waves to short waves or whatever. I don't understand it either, just kind of a fuzzy logic point of view.

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    my machine

    This is what you do not know, please do not ask where it came from just except it, all as i can say is only a few know. but this goes way back in time. as I said there are two schools of thought.
    John Bedini
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    Thank you for posting the magnet illustration with further explanation, as well as the portion of the "mystery" magnetic power article. It is sort of like looking down the road during a foggy night, and as one drives along, the fog starts to clear, and one sees more and more...


    If we needed to determine the natural frequency of the system, we could measure the inductance of the trigger winding, and then match the resulting amount in whatever division of "Henries" it indicated and calculate what type of capacitor, in whatever division of Farads, that one could use in series or parallel--depending on how you built the circuit--keeping in mind the frequency you wish it to run at (part of the calculation). This is best known as an LC or LCR [the L is inductance, C is capacitance, and R is resistance] circuit. However, John has not indicated that we should consider building it this way. Therefore, I (and many others) feel it is best to build things the way John says to build it, get it running the way he says it should run (as best as one can), and then experiment with things like "determining resonant frequency"--seeing whether that improves anything or not, or makes things less effective. I have (sort of) asked your questing in a couple different ways already, and from John's responses, I gather that there are more important aspects to consider first...that's my understanding, anyway. However, if you are already at the point where it's running good, and want to experiment, you could investigate LCR circuits, blocking oscillators, and least you might gain some understanding on how to more easily bring a solid state unit into self-oscillation (as there is no wheel to trigger it). Hope that helps (from my limited knowledge).
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    Best Regards ~ James, Somewhere In Idaho

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    John have you ever tried the zero force motor with magnets at a full 90 degree orientation?

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    My Machine

    James and Brodie, Brent,
    Brent we have been over this question before many times, again if you follow what Iím saying here you will find what Iím saying to you is itís the current in the base circuit that will kill you for the production of this energy. James you have this correct, this energy is a prime force and can only be viewed that way. The conversions of this energy then become a secondary process of energy. Brodie you need to supply a drawing of what you mean, are you talking the rotor?
    Now more of this book but only the important things that have meaning here. This book is not for electrical engineers but for the elite scientist who were trained in the second school of thought, not for the general public.
    John Bedini
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