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Thread: Rife Machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    does the generator need to be dual channel? I have the FG085 minidds function was a kit and it is single channel..... i think it does..

    Tom C
    Spooky2-XM's are dual channel and second one can be utilized with another DNA remote for more efficient and shorter treatment. XM's are newer generators which have some options via software which weren't available with older generators. I have one DDS which has a spot for USB port but I'm very happy with XM. This one is 5MHz model but due to the overclocking done by software it can run up to 35MHz. Amazing setup at very reasonable cost and "sky is a limit" possibilities as far as frequency sets, wave forms etc. Brilliant.
    I just got mine couple days ago and waiting for accessories. Below is my home made DNA remote.

    DNA Holder.jpg

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    lookin forward to your results. I am gonna wait a couple of weeks. would love to hear the results of your experiments.

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers

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    Hello there,
    In order to get familiar with the Royal Raymond Rife history , and past and present technology, I would recommend Nenah Sylver's Handbook. I personally own it and can say it's a brilliant, just brilliant work. Some excerpts are available for free on her website. And there is a lecture she did that also is very very good.

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    Hi All --

    I just found this new Microscope Technology called the LS-DAC Microscope. Is this new technology or
    a modernize Rife Microscope? The PDF put out by the Biomedical Optics Express has the lead school in this
    paper being the University of Washington. Mainly the department there being the Department of Mechanical
    Engineering, Seattle, WA 98195, USA. See the paper on this microscope that detects Skin Cancer without
    cutting away skin tissue to send off to a testing lab. You can download the PDF on this device for free from
    the below link.

    James McDonald

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    One of the challenges of building a Rife type frequency generation device is producing fairly exact frequencies over an incredible range. The PIC Microcontroller family offers a Special Function called Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO for short) that provides both the resolution and range to produce Rife MORs. By combining 2 PICs, one can generate a sideband while the other generates the MOR. I've been working with this approach for about 2 years now.


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