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Hi Woody,

the thing that is 'Variable' can also be viewed as 'Tuneable' what is key to the system is the G-Field coil why is also of the 'Variable -Capacitance ' Nature. recall J.B does not show a Bridge Rectifier in between Energiser Coil and the 'Variable -Capacitance. that is good enough guesture i must say..!
the tunable nature of the function servos to the Dipole (Battery) being charged. it does it in two ways.
do you get it now...?


@ Faraday

So, would a varactor diode be what you are hinting at? Thanks!

@ Peter

Thanks for the update! This machine is fascinating, and it's great to see your work in progress. I think it deserves more attention than it has been getting. Keep us apprised!