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Thread: How to Make a Bedini Crystal Battery

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    Fast moving project

    More people are getting into this and the idea seems to be really taking off. There some distinct advantages with this cell-----the main one being that almost anyone can build one and it works.


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    No I'm not saying that. You need to recharge the Lead Battery, that is what were saying.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    Hi John B,

    Just want to make sure I understand. Are you saying that the lead acid battery puts out power but was never charged? And are you saying that you expect it to keep putting out power without needing to be recharged just like your other crystal batteries?

    Thanks, Alex.
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    How to make a lead alum crystal battery

    In this video I'm showing how to make the casted plates for the Lead Alum Crystal battery. I have skipped a part somehow where I'm showing the plates after current had been passing through them to form a coating before I pasted them with Red Lead and Alum. If your going to speed up the process it is advisable to form in sulphuric acid and then wash the plates in distilled water afterwards. You need to form the two different oxides for this to work correct. I did this fast to show how so I made some mistakes, like loosing a part of the video. I think you get the point here of what can be done. Red Lead you will need to get it from an old storage battery since you just cant run to the hardware store and buy it anymore. The whole discussion is posted on the Energy Science Forum at:
    John Bedini

    Some how I lost the plate forming process but I think you get it. You can do this anyway you want. First let me warn you that you need to wash your hands after handling lead. Even if I experimented with my whole life and Chucks Dad worked for the Lead mines up in Coeur D' Alene does not mean that we will escape anything. It's best to just make it a practice of washing your hands after handling any metal. Some of the newer batteries are even more toxic so be careful. Anyway, others are using old plates from gel cells which is ok to do it all works the same. It is much easier to just buy a motorcycle battery that comes dry and then you know that the plates have been formed correctly.These batteries are usually dry-charge batteries and you just discard the acid as you do not use it. I will do another video tomorrow on using a motorcycle battery and converting it to crystal Alum cell.

    So let me add one more thing about Lead Acid Batteries, if you are going to use a rejuvenator process then you need Sodium sulfate. During the manufacturing process
    that chemical is added to the battery it is a secrete in the industry that is used to give life to the battery, it can also work with this cell. I have heard that you can make it by mixing Calcium carbonate and baking soda together. I have not tried this so I don't know if it works, but I do know that Sodium sulfate works on most batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John_Bedini View Post
    Bedini Earthlight The Easy wayAttachment 18

    Is this the circuit potted inside the light I bought at the conference or is that something different? I did successfully build the circuit you show here to run off my Cu-Alum cells.


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    Quote Originally Posted by John_Bedini View Post
    No I'm not saying that. You need to recharge the Lead Battery, that is what were saying.
    Hello John
    Have you made any tests on the self discharge rate of the batteries yet? It would really be nice if there wasn't any. Seeing your video brought back some childhood memories of battery science fair projects. Why do I think I used lead and zinc instead of all lead? Is that possible or is my memory of 55 years ago a little foggy?
    John Hav.

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    Ongoing work

    @ John B.
    Thanks for that great video on how to make the plates. A number of people have commented about the dangers of using lead but I think that if we just use common sense and great care we should be OK. The sodium silicate situation was the same thing.

    My dad gave me an old motorcycle battery yesterday and if I can't bring it back to life with the Alum treatment then I will tear ity apart for the plate material.


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    Dad Hav Lidmotor,

    I will be posting a new video on how I did the conversion to a motorcycle dry-charge battery. In the video I'm using the solar tracker charger and will be using a load box to graph the battery.
    I do not want any mistakes about what I did.
    John Bedini
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    How to make a Lead Alun Crystal Battery

    In this video I'm showing a Dry Charge Lead Acid Battery which I have taken and converted to an Alum Crystal Battery. I have added no acid at all to do any forming of the plates and I'm using the Solar Tracker to charge it. This is the way I do it you may have other ideas, this discussion is taking place at The Energy Science Forum at:
    Thank You John Bedini

    John Bedini
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    Thanks John,
    I finally see where my mistake has been. I did not let them dry out. It's those little things that get us.....


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    The most important thing is the forming of the plates otherwise it will take a very long time. If you are going to use a car battery which I suggest then it's important to know the condition of the battery because old storage batteries do the same thing as Ni-Cads when the cells short. I did not go into this in the video because of the danger. But it has been done where people have dried the battery out that had a bad cell that was shorted and applied extreme voltage to that one cell snapping the bridging short across the insulators, right the lead acid battery grows lead dendrites and it is possible to fix the shorted cells. If your going to do the Alum conversion then it best to get a new battery and then dump the acid out, but again charge it first so you know that the forming is good. Anyway hope this has helped those that did not understand how this is done.
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