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Thread: Who has done ANYTHING with success along this topic?

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    Cool Who has done ANYTHING with success along this topic?

    I think it would be nice to hear...nomatter if it was a good thing or bad in the results. Also how did you do ....whatever it was or are still doing.

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    eagle research has done some stuff with browns gas. i do not know of anyone who is burning water ALONE for fuel.
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    Stan Meyer took his secrets with him and I once read that the Arab Oil Producers offered 1 BILLION in cash for his patents(s) and that tells you that it did what he said. Of course he refused and was most likely taken out after that with the heart attack device they tried to use on Tom Bearden.

    I think the Meyer invention had a small window of opportunity and was complicated to get it right and I also believe this about the John Searle device. It seems that Mr. John Bedini has given us a much larger window for success and a less complicated learning curve, that can also help those interested in building a Brown's Gas generator that is way over 1 COP or even burning water as Stan Meyer did. Last time I checked a car still has a primary and secondary coil system to fire the spark plugs!!!

    We shall be finding out as we all progress forward.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AMPPMEUPP View Post
    Stan Meyer took his secrets with him
    No he didn't. He left hours and hours of video lectures explaining in very clear and simple language how his process works. There have been many successful replications. There are plenty of videos on youtube showing these replications including a vehicle running completely on a basic version of his system.

    If 1000 people each tried to build an internal combustion engine at their house then 999 of them would fail. That doesn't mean that internal combustion engines are some great mystery that we will never know the secrets of. It just means most people are idiots with minimal technical knowledge and skill.

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    I agree with you that he showed the processes but I don't see anyone replicating those processes right now. My point is that if the window of opportunity is small and complicated it is much harder to replicate. (The Bedini SG device is not complicated if you build it as presented). By building it you figure out the process.

    If that is not the case then we should have these replications RIGHT NOW. Even Mr. Bedini is not going to tell us everything that he is presently working on and how it works.

    Thanks for the reply.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AMPPMEUPP View Post
    but I don't see anyone replicating those processes right now.
    That's because very soon after someone posts information about their success in replicating this technology they get a visit from the local agents of the global slavery machine informing them to cease and desist immediately.

    This technology is considered a very real threat to the stability of the international slavery system and any research or publication in this area is punishable by death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    eagle research has done some stuff with browns gas. i do not know of anyone who is burning water ALONE for fuel.
    Tom C

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    Probably one of the best things I've read recently regarding water fuel is an article in the latest "Infinite Energy" magazine. Here is their website: Infinite Energy Magazine

    The article is an excellent update on the current state of the research in water fuel tech. Many of you in this forum are probably already aware of this magazine, but if you are not I highly recommend it.
    Of note in the article are such things as:

    1. Gas production is enhanced by vibrating, cavitating, or forcing the water through the gap between electrodes. Stan Meyer may have been doing this acoustically.

    2. There are actually 3 gases produced in brown's gas producing systems. Oxygen, Hydrogen, and an unknown gas that is heavier than hydrogen and air. It has been experimentally separated from the hydrogen, and when ignited it demonstrates all of the energetic properties previously thought to be from the hydrogen. Hmmm...I believe Tesla said the aether behaves like a gas....just thinkin out loud here.... In other words it is NOT hydrogen that is producing the energy.

    3. As anyone who has studied Stan Meyer's processes knows, it is POTENTIAL not current that is the key. There are still too many researchers thinking "electrolysis" and trying to do this with boat loads of current. As Stan constantly said "this is not electrolysis". His unit used only 500ma. This is a common thread that weaves through so many of these exotic alternative energy systems. Potential, not current is what is doing the work. In complete opposition to traditional EM theory.

    Just a few high points of the article which was written by Moray B. King. My local Hastings book store has this magazine in their magazine rack. If you can't find it in your town you can get it from their website which I linked above.

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    where do you find info on this video?
    they talked about a web site but never named it

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    Hey Woody

    Maybe that other gas/3 rd gas, was the gas that Joe from Joe Cell in Australia was working with?

    Hey !


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