John Bedini was building these things long before such a magnet polarity tester came out... like, the 1970s & possibly before! I reckon he'd be shaking his head if he ever saw this thread. We should never get hung up on such trivial things. I remember one of his videos on the crystal battery demo when he had some comments on playing Enya music in the background... does that mean we should do that too? Or the fact that he was wearing a blue shirt when filmed at a conference... maybe that's why his version worked & mine didn't??? C'mon! We've gotta get back to building & presenting or we'll never get anywhere.

Don't knock shipping charges out of the USA either. Plenty of us have bought lots of expensive & heavy stuff out of there over the years. If we didn't, we wouldn't be where we are today. The bigger killer for us now is the dollar anyway. Don't let it deter you. This time around, we're investing in JB directly, not the stuff Rick sold us in the earlier years. As well as that, we're supporting Aaron & Peter Lindermann's ongoing efforts to bring all of this out & sell it to the world, not to mention Eric Dollard's contributions, etc, etc.