I have noticed after doing a few more runs that without bringing these cells up to a full charge you do not get a good capacity discharge back out. What I mean is if I charge to say 15v on one pack I will only get about 1.5AH back out but if I run up to 16.8 I will get 3AH or more out. The last little bit on the charge makes a huge difference. My original thought was to run these sort of in the middle of their range but now I am not so sure on that.

I think I will remove a single cell from the packs so that a FULL charge takes it to about 14v instead of 16.8. This way I can still hook it up to an inverter but get a full discharge from it. The trouble as-is was that the inverter will not accept 16.8v, in fact anything past around 15v will not work on most of my inverters. It would work fine as a 6S if I was not using an inverter or if I don't mind the shortened run time but these things are so small to start with that I think it's better to at least get the 3AH back out of them.