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Thread: Dr Robert Beck

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    Making of thyristor triggering circuit without big power consumption and heat production +only common components (watch in full HD):

    Instead of R5 potentiometer will be used. More capacitors, 100W bulb instead of 550R. Charging will be much slower of course. I hope I'll try it on breadboard soon.

    I tested simulated circuit on breadboard and it doesn't work like in simulation(transistors opening itself too soon).

    So finally this is working schematic (only common parts are used):

    yes that NPN transistor is correct. Base is not connected and emitor and collector is connected like in schematic. You can replace diac with transistor connected like this.
    More about this here:
    You can use also other similar small signal NPN transistor.
    100n capacitor is small ceramic type, you don't need to use capacitor for higher voltage here, but if transistor fails and you want to count with this option then use capacitor for 400V or 630V or connect 24V zener diode parallel to small ceramic type to protect it.

    If somebody have some issues with his lower back like me, then also this is very interesting:
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    Making of thyristor triggering circuit without big power consumption and heat production +only common components (watch in full HD):

    Is this a self triggering magnetic pulser or it needs a push button?
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    self triggering, no button. You just adjust triggering voltage and after capacitor is charged up to this voltage it triggers, lower voltage=no to strong impulse/less energy, but fast charging=short delay between pulses. Set higher triggering voltage and capacitor charging takes longer time, so longer delay between pulses but stronger pulses/more energy released from capacitor to coil.

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    Thank you very much Jerry19

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    Magnetic pulser

    Hi again Jerry,
    Thanx to you I builded my magnetic pulser.


    If anyone wants the PCB in pdf format just email me.


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    hope well,i am looking for beck schematics for brain synchronizer/pulser/blood electrifier,etc beyond those given in protocols booklet,poss bt6,btpro schematics,i trained as electronics engineer back in early 80s so have some idea,i would really like to try this tech but am not a rich man,any pointers much appreachiated,
    best wishes

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    Great. 110V version with PCB.
    So voltage doubler...
    But with D1 it can't work...
    If R3 and R4 with fixed value is used it should be right value for charging C1 to high voltage, close to highest possible. Higher charging voltage=higher energy=stronger pulse.

    PCB corresponds with schematic, but I don't understand how this can work properly...
    You have it connected like on picture and it works well, C1 charging up to more than 100V ??? Or D1 is shorted ?

    D1 should be shorted, Lamp or resistors with higher resistance value should be used and R3 and R4 value should be right for triggering at high enough voltage on C1.

    Bipolar capacitor should be used as C3 or 2 electrolitic capacitors conected in anti-serial (positive poles connected together, or negative)

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    Yes I have been using a Magnetic Pulser device designed along the Lines of Dr Robert Beck, <Not to be confused with Dr Robert Becker, "Body Electric", Orthopaedic Surgeon>.
    Basic Science has evidence that the Magnetic Pulse at this 0.1666 hertz <1 pulse per 6 seconds> setting is going to induce a greater body fluid circulation in the area it is penetrating.
    The device does get to HOT to use by the end of its timer cycle. <Not sure of its Gauss rating>.PEMF Used in conjunction with a skin cream, like say Comfrey or anything that might help with healing balms,
    does seem to assist the penetration of the skin balms applied on the area before PEMF treatment.
    After the PEMF I have been applying another Dr Robert Beck device, the LED pulsar or "Lightworks" as it has been labelled. A RED LED and Near Infra Red LED has been used.
    Pulsed frequencies are 292 hz, 584 hz, 1168 hz , 2336 hz, 4672 hz, 73hz, 146 hz. In that order for 4 minutes each frequency with a constant no frequency pulse at the beginning of the cycle.
    The science of Near Infra red and red light is that it activates Protein receptors in the cell membranes that trigger the cells to go into repair mode, but what these different frequencies do is
    not so clear. Any more elaboration on these Frequencies would be greatly appreciated

    Has anybody got anymore information on the 0.166 hz PEMF frequency and those "lightworks" LED frequencies would be greatly appreciated.

    As we share our information the world grows wiser.


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    Hello Everyone! Am newbie here. Just to answer on the AWG (American Wire Gauge system) concern.
    Here are the diameters in millimeters of the wires:
    AWG N14 = 1.63 mm a resistance of 0.0107 Ohms per meter and transmission wave capability of 6700 Hertz and 5.9 Amperes.
    AWG N16 = 1.29 mm " " " 0.0170 " " " " " " " of 11 KHz and 3.7 Amperes.
    Due to the high intensity (although short burst), I would certainly recommend the N14, but also lower resistivity, so lower heat is generated in the coil.
    Best to All.
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    Hello there. This is my first in this forum, but allow me to tell you all that I've making and using: 1. colloidal silver, 2. blood zapper, and 3. magnetic pulser (using studio camera flash for trigger) for about 3 years. I have been showing them to friends and relatives and the results have been short of miraculous. But to all you out there, I have been trying to get the schematic for dr. Bob Beck "brain tuner" and have not found one yet. Can someone help me, or you do have one, please email it to me? A little additional tidbits here: I have been using the blood zapper as a tCDS device, and have been helping friends with problems with dementia, etc. So, please, anyone, if you can direct me to where to get the brain-tuner schematic. I will be so very grateful.


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