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Thread: Question about DVD#39 Energy from the vacuum: The bioharmonic machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon303 View Post
    Hi Aaron,
    I refer to your earlier posting - copied above - and wonder whether you, or anyone else could advise me on a couple of queries related to it:

    1. When would this growth enhancer of which you speak be available? I am really very curious as I am highly conscious of modern (bad) agricultural practices and have long been committed to an organic diet and to organic farming practice.
    2. Regarding the Cjeka nd Ukaco device systems - do you know whether either has been used for beneficial plant, animal or human enhancement or for medicinal purposes?
    Hi Andy,

    If you're talking about the fertilizer - it works ok, but is not close to where it needs to be. There is one particular ingredient that I need to have certain properties that are missing from the one I used. That didn't hurt anything, but just didn't allow it to be what it needs to be. I think I found a source for what I'm looking for - just have to get that and brew another batch to test.

    I've used it for beneficial plant use but evidence is anecdotal since I didn't do a controlled test. In one secret spot where my mushroom master friend takes me to go chantrelle and matsutake hunting, I used the machine to massively boost the matsutake crop up to a month ahead of time. For benefit on something like this, there is the witness (picture) and remedy (cure) or whatever you're using to treat or cure, etc... - in this case, I'm using proprietary method to generate the "instructions" to deliver to the mycelium in the ground to massively boost it's growth under ground of this old forest growth. It's a symbiotic mushroom that has a relationship with the roots of certain trees. Anyway, when we went, it was by far the largest crop my friend has seen in over 25 years of going to that spot and at that time.

    Did the machine contribute? I can't claim that it did, but it sure is an interesting synchronicity.

    Literally, ever step I took and every direction I looked, there were Matsutake popping out of the ground EVERYWHERE - it was crazy. There are only a few people that know about this area and nobody has ever seen anything like this there ever. The mushrooms in my pic below I posted last year but was actually taken in around 2010 or so. That was less than half of what we got. My friend had an even more massive haul. Might not look like a ton, but that actually took a lot of hours to get because of the terrain. Those things get heavy in the the bags we carry them in - especially when I have to scale a tall 45 degree slope to the top and back down safely. There were a lot of bigger wormy ones, but there were LOTS of primo buds where the cap didn't rip from the stalk yet. The variety in the Northwest are closer to a Korean variety and are pretty good, but are not quite as good as the Japanese variety, which are browner. Anyway, would like to do some controlled tests on something at some time, but not enough hours in the day.

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    Aaron Murakami

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    i've been looking for this device since i've watched the borderland presentation, a while ago.

    I'm my country (romania) there is an ex general that hosts a tv show on subjects like this and more. He used to work alot with radio stuff in the army (+ other stuff) and his job was geo engineering for military purposes in war scenarios and perhaps more. He made a reffrence on this device on a few occasions, never giving the name or telling what it really is but since i know about it i knew what he was talking. I guess to some extent this device is in the culture now, at least it's existence.

    He also talked about a Russian who defected to US back in the old days of USSR. He was a guy involved with many things, pretty high up on the ladder. The general says that this guy told the americans a story about a submarine that got "lost" pretty soon after it got lunch to waters, new sub. The story is about how the russians (military or some secret cell) used some sort of radionic device to deliever a nuclear payload to this sub remotely. If this story is accurate they must have used something like this device or perhaps they have other that can "teleport" the effects of the explotions. The general also says that when the americans find out about this they checked the satellite data and the moment they lost track of the brand new sub the russians did a nuclear "test".

    So, no surprise to those who researched for a while the nature of our world, that some millitary groups have and use very powerful radionic devices.

    Can you use this one to do the same? well you need a nuke. good luck with that one. Can you use something else to cause as much mayhem? Perhaps. Even so we are allowed here to do as we please and for that i am grateful. I have no doubt in my mind that freedom is the greatest gift we received from our creator. Even for the freedom of doing wrong. Perhaps even more for the freedom of doing wrong. Else we would be just some other programmed entities with limited parameters that could never fully develop a true consciousness.

    And yet the way i see people behave around the world, not many are free. And some of those that realized that they are truly free only if they choose to, even if they are in chains, failed to embrace the greatest virtue that we posses and perhaps the greatest virtue throughout infinity, love. The egos are still highly rooted in the hearts of people all over. The general IQ level doesn't seem that great either.

    This machine is dangerous in the wrong hands, and the way i see things, most hands are wrong for this machine, for now. And yet we need it badly. Not to spray, not to do good nor bad, we need it to explore the nature of our world. There might be other ways but this technology it's like a boost and the faster we figure it out the faster we jump to the next level of our journies as individuals and society. On the other hand there might be already more bad guys having access to this then good guys. I keep hearing of all kind of military conglomerates that posses and use such devices on other factions or general public. There are also those guys that keep harassing people with all sorts of electronic/radionic devices some very similar with this one.

    Also proffesor meyl is teaching about something similer in terms of biological effects.
    Prof. Meyl detected DNA-Wave and Scalar Wave Biology
    and this one
    Technical proof: scalar waves exist

    Aaron i hope you will use it wisely and share it the same way. It would be a shame for such an awesome device to get lost from people that are not part of some faction that wants everything for themselves and promote war and destruction. I hope as well that one day i will be able to get my hands on one and find out why/how it works and venture further into the infinity. And also keep in mind that a device like this might be our only way to counter what they are throwing at us by stabilizing the fields around us.

    Good luck and God bless
    PS: keep sharing with us your ventures with this machine.
    PSS: english is obviously not my first language

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    I wonder why a link from 2015 about the BHM is not working, because I'am interested in the schematics of the bio harmonic machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HermanReynaert View Post
    I wonder why a link from 2015 about the BHM is not working, because I'am interested in the schematics of the bio harmonic machine.
    So far as I can tell there are no exactly correct versions of the BHM - ie as used by Cjeka, available on the net. I figured out the schematic by taking a series of screen shots of the machine when this was demonstrated by Bedini on #39 . From these I was able to reconstruct a copy, although I have not tested it as yet. It was originally based on the Hieronymus machine which is pure radionics. I believe two factors are important - use tubes because of the plasmas they create when working and secondly the intent of the operator. Looks like enhanced radionics and could be extremely dodgey unless you are very careful how to operate it.


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