hey all,
I made the board from the tesla switch dvd by etching the board and drilling then soldering the components on to the board, had a play with diode because the amazingly the diode is unavailable i have sb5100's coming from hong kong but in Australia i tried jaycar for a few types and found in5822, 40v schottki diode with 150mv drop, also tried the normal in5408 which has a 600mv drop and tried some from a gridtie machine that died which were a 400mv drop. i noticed alot with the doide changes so much ill relook the diode in all the other bedini machines or devices ive made to see the spike more, not only more spike transferred but fastest switching and keeping the spike and an increase with the advantage with the least voltage drops in the device there was move voltage at the load pins. while im also waiting on h11d1's to come over from china ive gone with a 4n25, 4n26 to try for now, and at the moment even though i got so far in learning this device waiting for the right components, im sad, i thought ive done everything else to the letter, i made the matching transistor box so i can check the transistors for close readings and i matched the in5822's and the 2x 330 ohm's for the two opto resistors and i have one side that seems to be working more then the other which i believe to be battery 4, ive quadtruple checked the tracks and solder to see if anything is not as it should be and fixed 2-3 things and resoldered a few diodes because id touch one and things would change on the scope and then i found battery 3 connection wasnt very good so fixed that, new 2.5mm flex with new alligator clip, ive used 4x new 9v batteries and used 4x 24v nicad drill batteries i still have to rotate the batteries around every day by one, 1->2 2->4 4->3 3->1 and it will go off again for a day, ive even had fun with a rc size ufo motor on the load and ran the oscillator off the generator side of the motor just had to jump start the motor from the load pins with a 9v, still had to move the batteries around, then i though id use 6v 100ah gel cells in 12v banks that were closely charged same thingthe led on the right side is lit well the left side will flash quickly and even flash when the other side flashed so both come on together but the left was supposed to only be on and the left is much brighter, the opto's start off at the top 3v i think the second one 2v then 1v so because of this opto and the voltage drops inside then will this result in reduced turning on for the last opto and if i wanted to is there a way of boosting the voltage a bit like 500 mv on the last one to make sure its turning on right, i was going to change out the 5v reg and see about an adjustable one to change it to 6v or 7v? ive scoped the opto's and transistors im not happy with the left side middle transistor in that im no sure its opening and shutting to make the meters show (12v/24v) where the right one i can see it well. i used all new components from jaycar for optos and mjl's and still unhappy, i put an led 12v downlight on the load while i had the 24v nicads on and the left side gets the led to flash 4-5 times while on that side then a strong pulse for the right side, the scope on the load ac rectifier was seeing the spike nicely

if anyone some ideas to check while im waiting my 4 -6 weeks for the optos and sb5100 (5amp 100v) im all ears

thank you

keen as mustard for the solar tracker 5 160amp 24v to chanrge my 64 x 6v 130/225ah battery banks from my 9x 200w 24v panels