I purchased the new Energy From the Vacuum #38 DvD The Bedini Tesla Switch and it is wonderful! I would suggest that anyone who is currently studying or has an interest in the Bedini Tesla Switch should buy the 2 disk DvD set.

After watching the DvDs I have a few questions.

1. John said that he would make available the schematic he used from his demo on the DvD. Will that come as a separate email or do we need to request it from someone?

2. On the working build John is tuning the switch while playing the radio but does not go into how that specific part of the demo works or the parts needed. Does anyone have any clue what is needed to do that? It looks like a few caps and a pot but I am not sure.

3. I am working on a replication that I am posting about on a different forum and would like to post more information on my replication attempt however at the same time I don't want to post anything from the DvD that John has not posted publicly more specifically I am at the point on the first DvD where John adds the first Transistor which I think is very important. Has that schematic been made public and if so can I post about my tests in regards to that section of the DvD?

Thank you!