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Thread: Bedini Tesla Switch DvD Questions.

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    Very cool bro d!
    I'm curious for your measurements of the 12V Setup, especially when you'll loop the TSs output to the switching circuits input. Perhaps you can track the voltage of the Bs on a list like I did in the video? Just a suggestion...
    What do you mean asking me for the jumper wires? There are only the wires to the Bats on my board. If you are asking for the soldering bridges, I've used the cutted Ends from the resistors to build these connections on the top side of the board.
    I'll try to follow you to 12V as soon as time is available.

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    Hi Bro d,
    I will try it also with the 9V battery to power the sg, thx for the tip.

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    Hi Thorsten,
    Yes I was asking about the soldering bridges. I've been calling them jumpers wires.
    You have given the answer.

    With the 680ohm R's on the LED's, the output to a 9v batt that is running the TS without a VR, and 12v batts with no other load, the 9v alcaline stays at 9.4v.
    I've run it for about 10 hours, still at 9.4v.
    The 12v batts are not charging. 3 out of 4 have gone down. The one was up .001v.
    If a load is added to the output the 9v batt is drawn down because it is in parallel with the output.
    This is not a good way to self run the TS.

    I'm thinking about removing the LED's with the resistance and running it only with a substantial load to see how much power we have. Then maybe a voltage divider for the run batt.
    My setup will run on 7v, so I could make one smaller than 9v.
    Doubt if we want the run batt in parallel with the load.

    JB worked it out and talked about adding a transistor.
    In the 1984 schematic you can see how the 5v run batt is connected.
    I suspect that JB wants to pulse the run batt from one side shortly after the voltage is up from the last pulse......Stealing the surface charge.
    I need to review the video again.
    He said that there wasn't time to cover this matter and that it is complicated.

    bro d
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    There is another way to Self power the TS.
    Matt Jones showed this and it works with video cct.
    I'm running a minimal bike wheel SG for a load and it seems to be a little slower than running from a 12v batt.
    I'm using the attached powering method.
    bro d

    SP 2.jpg
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    Hey guys,
    I've also switched my setup to 12V. No smoke
    Let's run through the night.

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    Hi Thorsten nice setup, I wish you good charging of the batteries.
    Hopefully I have time tomorrow for further experimenting.

    @ Bro D,
    Thx for letting me know your experience with the self powering, now I know I can use my time for other experiments then the one with 9V batterie.
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    Hi All,
    When I look at the 1984 Schematic from the Bedini/Meuller book which is also shown on the video, I see that the diodes which are located in the same place as the LED's, are opposite of what JB drew in the video.
    Thorsten, can you verify in your build, that the LED's and the diodes pointing away from the batt negative, are Kathode to Kathode.
    Or check your build with the '84 schematic.
    There has to be an explanation for the apparent difference.
    bro d

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    Hi bro d,
    in both drawings and in my build all Diodes from the negative of the bats are having their kathodes leading towards the collector of the trannie on the other side (Switches 5 and 6 from the DVD). Sure, that means they are pointing with their kathodes agains each other on each side, but the electrons flow from them across the LEDs to the collectors.

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    Hi Thorsten,
    This file is my confusion.
    It is not shown on the video.
    One with LED's that are Kathode to Kathode is shown.



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