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Thread: Idea for a large multifilar SS SG

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    Hi Ron

    Than you for your input. And, I do not intend to be disrespectful, but WOW, that web-site seems a bit deep (with what, I do not know yet), and I'm wondering where they got their information(???). If you read through the section about zero-point energy, they talk about "ultimations" or very small particles that emit "quanta" or energy. They go on and definitively (based on what???) state that these ultimations (such as the Boson particle) have a main agenda to be of service to beings in the universe--sort of like the midichlorians of Star Wars Episode 1 fame when they studied young Anakin Skywalker's blood (my own anecdotal expression). I don't know, but it sounds like a load of bunk to me (even though I have had "the Force"-like experiences in my life). I may be relying a lot on my intuition, in regard to how much I think frequency peaks found in nature, as providing extra oomph for the machines we build of John's designs, but my intuitive inspirations are backed by studies in other fields of science that these frequencies I am referencing could indeed provide that little bit of extra we desire to run these machines...and they also inform the theories of Eric Dollard, who believes we can harness these frequency/energies. I believe John's technology can be enmeshed with Eric's...add a little bit of Tesla, stir occasionally, and you end up with a sound recipe...if you are smelling what I'm rolling in?...(backwoods Idaho slang for "do you picture in your mind, the concept I am presenting"). I said all of that to say this. Esoteric things and other philosophical things (like those presented at that site) are wonderful to ponder around a fire-pit and an abundant amount of home-brew, but I am finding I have no time for that right now, as I am trying to develop methods of providing useful energy, for me and mine, that is under MY own control and not others to to control ME with. If you are with me on that thought, I welcome you to participate...we will all work on these projects together. If not, be blessed on your various adventures...

    Be safe everyone.

    James, somewhere in Idaho
    Best Regards ~ James, Somewhere In Idaho

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    Hi All

    Here is a new thread I stared in regard to growing food with Bedini/Tesla technology.

    Thank you.

    James, somewhere in Idaho
    Best Regards ~ James, Somewhere In Idaho


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