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Thread: Crystal Battery Light

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    Thumbs up Crystal Battery Light

    To order your own Crystal Battery Light,
    Visit Tesla Chargers: Crystal Battery


    Crystal Light Kit
    by John Bedini

    One of nature’s purest forms of electricity the Crystal Light Kit. The kit consists of Alum, Copper and Magnesium and when properly placed and coupled with the proper electronic circuit will produce a bright LED with an endless supply of electricity.

    The Crystal Light Kit has been designed as an educational aid in combining elements to produce an electrical charge, a curiosity of sorts.
    By just adding water the chemical reaction begins, and the electrified crystals will begin to grow as they produce electricity, which will power the LED light. The Crystal Light Kit will perform for many years using just water as its only fuel source.

    If your crystal dries out it will not damage the lamp and can sit for many years in a dried condition until needed. By adding just a few ounces of water around the crystal will return it to its previous working condition and full

    The Crystal Light contains five basic components which are assembled as shown below. The five components consist of a pre-assembled base, copper bowel, magnesium round, plastic ring and food grade Alum powder. We are sure you will find this fascinating as it powers up its LED. Kits are sold with a White LED and separate LED heads can be ordered in Blue, Green and Red colors.

    This kit is an easy to use Crystal Light Kit designed by John Bedini.

    It includes everything you see in the picture:

    • stand with uprights
    • oscillator and light in box with switch
    • copper bowl with semiconductor layer black oxide (cuprous oxide)
    • instructions (just add water!)

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    The crystal battery light can be ordered with various colors of bulbs. Super bright white is the most common.

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    Welcome to the Crystal Battery
    John Bedini

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    Lightbulb Looks Great!

    This is a nice little kit! I currently have a small blocking oscillator circuit running as a night light in my room. Even it really chews through some batteries though, since I leave it on all night every night. This kit would be an ideal replacement! Add a little water before bed each night and there you go!

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    Hello every one, iv'e been working with the guys at the bedini earthlight thread at, there's a lot of very good information, many clues left by John B. and others who are working on it. it's a very long thread, but it's worth it... here's some pics of the work i've done using many different mixes, some are alum based, others epsom salts, rochelle salts, some have activated carbon, and hydrates to keep the hydrogen from building up, some have manganese, quartz, iron pyrite and many other ingredients... all are Cu/Mg electrodes, none of these have oscillators. they run direct in series of at least 3 to 8 cells... hope we can keep developing this wonderful technology together with Mr. Bedini and chuck, who's last post showed a mysterious new cell that gave 1Amp... there's big potential here friends... cheers

    Crystal battery flooded - YouTube

    Chaîne de Energenx - YouTube

    COa1 low re.jpgHydrate cell.JPGIMG_0174.jpgmini cell 2.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I will be posting the details of the cells I was running at the conference and the oscillators.
    John B

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    Hello everyone, John and I will be posting some of the crystal cells we showed at the conference. I will post some cells that have been running over 2 years that run 24/7 and we just add a little water every day or so depending on the weather. We have a new crystal light kit mix that we have started shipping as of yesterday. The new crystal mix is very stable and has very good output to the oscillator circuit. These can be ordered through Energenx or one of the authorized vendors like Tesla Chargers. This mix is one that has worked very well over the last 2 years under constant use.
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    Hi chuck and john, i'm very excited to learn and will gladly contribute to sharing my replications and test results of this amazing technology, thank you very much for sharing... by the way, hows that 1Amp flooded cell doing? still going? cheers


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    Hi Chuck,

    How do we order stuff through Energenx? I see your website does not have a shopping cart? Do you only take orders over the phone?

    Also, can you please explain what the company Energenx does and how it operates? Is it in the business of manufacturing and selling products or does it only do research? I ask this because I would like to purchase some window motors made to spec for a specific industrial purpose. Does Energenx do this kind of thing?

    Thanks, Alex.

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    These can be ordered through Energenx or...

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