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Thread: Acheiving Over Unity With A Empty Coffee Cup

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    Acheiving Over Unity With A Empty Coffee Cup

    This thread is opened with the following conceptual quote from Tom Bearden's website, not patronizingly, but to inquire what is it that's in Mr. Bearden's ice pail; err coffee cup?

    "There is enough energy inside the space in an empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world. This is a fact well known to
    the scientific community, and was, for example, a favorite quote of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman."

    So can those interested achieve over unity from an empty coffee cup, ice pail, or possibly just a single lead acid battery? Passively, say with a COP factor of 100 percent, on relation to the circuit input in our circuits in the local time domain; if there is even any circuit input involved?

    Achieving over unity from an empty coffee cup, or possibly a tea cup is the mission statement for this thread.

    Ridiculous, you say?


    Let us inquire, and we shall see...

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    For those who enjoy experimenting this experiment requires besides an empty coffee cup 100 miles of wire, for we shall be constructing a circuit 200 miles long.

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    First some working theory is in order on the presuppositions of achieving a COP of 100 percent from our working passive circuit

    !. "An electrical power source is dipolar antenna for the reception of energy." (Bearden; The Final Source Of Free Energy ibid. pg. 45)

    "If no work is done inside the source's internal bipolar separation of charges (i.e., if no electron or ion current is forced back up from the ground return line against the source antenna's potential and therefore against it's back emf)' then the dipolar source-antenna will last essentially forever, or until something corrodes or breaks mechanically." (ibid. pg 45 supra.)

    So then in our circuit we will need a coffee cup to act in the working induction circuit as a nonlinear separation between the opposing charges in our circuit separating our ground return from our dipolar antenna, in our single wire circuit we have both positive and negative charges.
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    Construction Note 1

    On the end of our 100 mile wire we will need a condenser that excludes air or other gaseous matter, the condenser/earth plate doesn't have to be anything special a zinc, copper, or steel plate will do just fine but zinc is the preferred material, then copper, then steel. To this we will attach the bitter end of one end of our wire to ground.

    The requirement that our condenser/earth plate be situated in our circuit so as to exclude all air and other gaseous matter is in accordance with U.S. Patent 567,818 ELECTRICAL CONDENSER (SEE:

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    Construction Note 1

    Addendum 1

    Earthing a conductor - Theory

    Conductors can roughly be compared to water pipes, and insulators to taps turned off. The tap blocks the flow of water, and the insulator blocks the flow of electricity. In our circuit turning on the tap corresponds to earthing the circuit.


    Note: Circuit wire is to be elevated to an elevation of 30 ft. on standard 40 ft. utility poles made of wood, i.e. pressure-treated southern yellow pine with some type of preservative for protection against rot, fungi and insects.

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    Construction Note 1

    Addendum 2

    Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums

    Canadian Patent No: 142,352, 1906-04-17, 1912-08-13

    To all whom it may concern:

    Be it known that I, Nikola Tesla, a citizen of the United States, residing in the Borough of Manhattan, in the City, County, and State of New York, have discovered a new and useful Improvement in the Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the same.

    It is known since a long time that electric currents may be propagated through the earth, and this knowledge has been utilized in many ways in the transmission of signals and the operation of a variety of receiving devices remote from the source of energy, mainly with the object of dispensing with a return conducting-wire. It is also known that electrical disturbances may be transmitted through portions of the earth by grounding only one of the poles of the source (Supplied by circuit builder: EMPHASIS MINE.), and this fact I have made use of in systems which I have devised for the purpose of transmitting through the natural media intelligible signals or power and which are now familiar; but all experiments and observations heretofore made have tended to confirm the opinion held by the majority of scientific men that the earth, owing to its immense extent, although possessing conducting properties, does not behave in the manner of a conductor of limited dimensions with respect to the disturbances produced, but, on the contrary, much like a vast reservoir or ocean, which, while it may be locally disturbed by a commotion of some kind remains unresponsive and quiescent in a large part or as a whole. Still another fact now of common knowledge is that when electrical waves or oscillations are impressed upon such a conducting-path as a metallic wire reflection takes place under certain conditions from the end of the wire, and in consequence of the interference of the impressed and reflected oscillations the phenomenon of "stationary waves" with maxima and minima in definite fixed positions is produced. In any case the existence of these waves indicates that some of the outgoing waves have reached the boundaries of the conducting-path and have been reflected from the same. Now I have discovered that notwithstanding its vast dimensions and contrary to all observations heretofore made the terrestrial globe may in a large part or as a whole behave toward disturbance impressed upon it in the same manner as a conductor of limited size, this fact being demonstrated by novel phenomena, which I shall hereinafter describe.

    The presence of the stationary waves may be detected in many ways. For instance, a circuit may be connected directly or inductively to the ground and to an elevated terminal and tuned to respond more effectively to the oscillations. Another way is to connect a tuned circuit to the ground at two points lying more or less in a meridian passing through the pole E or, generally stated, to any two points of a different potential.
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    Construction Note 1

    Addendum 3

    Earth plate placement

    In our circuit earth plate condensers are utilized to facilitate the collection of electron flux, proper placement of earth plate condensers is critical to the performance of our circuit, this point is borne out by Tesla in several of his patents when he speaks of "proper placement" of ground circuit components; meaning earth plates"

    Rule 1 - Earth plate placement - points of connection are to be selected according to "differences of potential"

    "If both plates be connected to earth the points of connection must be selected with reference to the difference of potential which it is desired to secure, the strongest effect being of course obtained when the plates are at a distance equal to half the wave length."


    In classical electromagnetism, the electric potential (a scalar quantity denoted by Φ(Phi), ΦE or V and also called the electric field potential or the electrostatic potential) at a point of space is the amount of electric potential energy that a unitary point charge would have when located at that point. The electric potential of a point may also be defined as the work done in carrying a unit positive charge from infinity to that point.

    Rule 2 - Placement of earth plates to be over or at known sources of water.

    In earth plate/condenser placement, one should place any given earth plate over or at a known source of water. If no known source of water is known then proper placement of earth plates will be facilitated by placing at the roots of trees, as trees are natural receptors of scalar waves as trees are antennas.

    Photo Source:


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    Construction Note 1

    Addendum 4

    Dissimilar metals to be used in our circuit's earth plates.

    Circuit earth plates are to be of dissimilar metals, I suggest that one end of our circuit that a zinc plate be used, and on the source end a steel plate be used, this should facilitate the creation of a galvanic current in our circuit which if properly constructed will amplify the source in our circuit.

    All connections are to be well cleaned and soldered. In the event that the suggested earth plate setup does not establish a galvanic current it is suggested that one of the plates needs to be changed to another metal type, or there is not enough moisture content in the soil where the plate is installed.

    The earth plates are a major component of our circuit and it can not be stressed enough to the workmanship that goes into their construction.

    Note: If one does not want a galvanic current in their circuit and is using the earth circuit as a ground return to source then the earth plates should be of the same materials, if the ground return circuit built is shorter then they would do well to dispense with the ground return altogether using wire so as to form their return forming a metallic circuit.

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    Pre-Construction Meeting


    We often associate Nikola Tesla with high frequency energy broadcasting electricity through the air with transmitters and receivers, what we most often do not ask ourselves is how did Mr. Tesla conceptualize his theories - he conceptualized his theories by making basic observations of nature, natural law, and then applied those findings to existing systems improving upon them from the viewpoint of his conceptualizations. We often forget that Mr. Tesla did not invent scalar energy, that while he was an inventor he was also a business man in the business of making money. All of Tesla's inventions do nothing more than take advantage of what already exists in nature that is available to each of us.


    Which came first the experiment, or the concept?

    A Note from Colorado Springs, Colorado - Nikola Tesla's Research Facility June 1, 1899 and Jan. 7, 1900

    "The earth is 4,000 miles radius. Around this conducting earth is an atmosphere. The earth is a conductor; the atmosphere above is a conductor, only there is a little stratum between the conducting atmosphere and the conducting earth which is insulating. . . . Now, you realize right away that if you set up differences of potential at one point, say, you will create in the media corresponding fluctuations of potential. But, since the distance from the earth's surface to the conducting atmosphere is minute. You can readily see that the energy cannot travel along this curve and get there, but will be immediately transformed into conduction currents, and these currents will travel like currents over a wire with a return. The energy will be recovered in the circuit, not by a beam that passes along this curve and is reflected and absorbed, . . . but it will travel by conduction and will be recovered in this way."

    "Under ideal no-load conditions the movement of electrical energy throughout the system appears to be totally reactive and only when electrical loads are present does real power flow."

    -Nikola Tesla


    Note: In our circuit our Source will provide conduction.

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