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Thread: Shorting the gen coil with PWM? .. and other things.

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    Hi all, yesterday I made more runs on my little machine, measuring electrical COP (to have a reference point, it takes less time than do the same with charging battery cycles).

    This where the numbers I posted before, of the previous runs

    - radiant mode: 0,358
    - radiant mode with drag 1: 0,437
    - radiant mode with drag 2: 0,364
    - radiant mode with low drag generator: 0,327
    - gen mode: 0,43
    - gen mode with drag 1: 0,459
    - gen mode with drag 2: 0,386
    - gen mode with low drag generator: 0,41

    - the drag1 and drag2 corresponds to having a generator coil been shorted all the time with 1 diode or 2 diodes in series, not connected to anything else, the gen coil was just mechanical drag, no recovery.

    - when it says "with low drag generator" it means the gen coil was connected to the cap dump, both ssg output and gen coil output to the same cap dump.

    Yesterday I made 2 more tuning runs adding coil shorting to the gen coil. And using all possible trigger winding resistances, waiting 20 mins and writing down the data. Here are the best COPs:

    -radiant more + coil shorting: 0,49 (way more than radiant mode alone or any other modes I tried with radiant mode).

    - gen mode + coil shorting: 0,57.

    Both outputs from the ssg and the coil shorting circuit was connected to the same cap dump.

    The coil shorting circuit is a hall sensor feeding a dual 555 PWM circuit feeding 2 MOSFETS source to source to make the switch AC.

    I was just shorting one side of the gen coil sine wave. I should add a second hall to do it on both sides. The shorting frecuency while the hall is ON was set to about 20Khz and the duty around 80%, it was more "coil unshorting" than "coil shorting" it gives back more power and drags the rotor more, but it is obvious looking at the numbers that the SSG circuit is more efficient if is slowed down.

    - radiant mode alone was: 0.358 and with coil shorting was 0,49, which is 36% more.
    - gen mode alone was 0.43 and with coil shorting it was 0,57 which is 32% more.

    I still would love to know which is the electrical COP of a Vanilla normal size SSG, to compare, I know my numbers are crap, probably because of the geometry of my setup, my coils are not standard.

    About the one pulse per magnet. My charging is the worse always on one pulse per magnet, if you look at the excel sheets you will notice that , it's like on max speed the COP goes down. At least on regarding cap dump frequency.

    Have to study why the trigger winding have looses like everybody says, and need to find a solution for that. I might try to not use the trigger winding and use a hall or reed to trigger the transistors, maybe the diode in the bases should go away also. I have to try that.

    Also I want to try to redirect the dump of the cap into the battery through a coil in the rotor with the timing to push the wheel more. Probably I would need to have a very low impedance coil there.

    here are the numbers from the coil shorting runs:


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    Hi Alvaro,

    Quote Originally Posted by AlvaroHN View Post
    Anyone? please guys share data from ur machines so I can calculate and evaluate my machine, I need amps in, volts in, dump frequency and dump voltage max and top.


    Look at this old thread for results that I and some others posted back in 2014. Of course no two machines are exactly the same. There are 9 pages to this thread.
    Gary Hammond,

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    Thank you Gary, I will look into it.

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