HI, this being my first post I would firstly like to give a HUGE wholehearted thank you to any and every person that shares their information and discoveries. I believe that IDEAS are free, someone can realize it before anyone else, but the possibility was around long before them so it therefore can never be possessed. On the other hand I believe credit is due to the people that did have discoveries because they didn’t discover it without hard work involved. What I am going to be talking about is not MY IDEA as I have stated my belief on that. It is however what I have come up with that I have not seen anywhere else.

whole thing.jpg
This device is something I have NOT built yet. However I have been building other bedini /leedskalnin/ everyone else type of motors and learned and studied a lot about all there workings and I think I have a way to put it all together. The device will use effects from the Raymond Kromreys’ g-field converter, Tom Bearden and a few other guys Motionless Energy Generator or MEG, John Bedinis’ PAT: 7109671, and Leedskalnins’ Perpetual Motion Holder. So I think it would be wise to go over the points in those machines that will benefit this one device. I am not going into detail on there workings just pointing out what parts I took from each device to make mine.

Kromrey converter
Here is a very basic drawing of a Kromrey converter. The main idea is simple. Make and break a magnetic flux path. The effect I am looking for out of this one is the cold electricity (of course) and the speed up under load, for some reason that seems like it would be beneficial in a free radiant energy machine. Well-MAGNETIC LOOP, and specifically wound coils (more on that later) should do that.
kromrey straight.jpg

Motionless Energy Generator
Again you can see that it is a magnetic loop device. It may be weird but I look at this thing and see a magnetic transistor where we supply the base (trigger like bedini says) and the magnetism supplies the emitter collector current. What I want from this is that effect. Because there is another path for the magnetic flux it is easy to switch it from one side to the other, therefore a small control signal controls a large flow of usable energy. (From what I understand people have proven the Meg idea does not work, but I believe it may work in this machine I'll explain later)

Bedini PAT: 7109671
What do you see? A magnetic loop! What I want here is simple – the whole thing. It works and I believe is cop >1 correct? It was kind of funny I have been researching bedini and Bearden and tesla for years and never saw this patent for some reason until I had designed a machine where part of it is almost identical to this. So as you can imagine when I saw the patent I about $h** my pants because right there was proof that I was thinking on the right track.

Same thing as the last one... What is it-Magnetic loop?

My design
The first thought I had when I sat down to start designing what I was thinking was, none of the generators “breaks a loop that makes a loop” except for the Meg that’s all it does. So I wanted to design a generator with magnets that make a closed loop (just like the bedini patent) but also when it makes a loop it breaks a loop and when it breaks a loop it makes a loop. Well if you look at bedinis’ patent it’s basically half of a Meg. So I added the other half. If you can imagine a rotor spinning magnets between the two open prongs with all the magnets opposite in polarity from the core (Meg type) magnets what would happen. My thinking is, as the magnet on the rotor approaches the core. The flux that is already circulating in the core (because of its magnet) is attracted to the flux of the incoming magnet more than it is attracted to its own opposite pole. Therefore the flux would break in the outer loop (causing a voltage in the outer coils from the collapse in the field) and build a loop through the rotor magnet (making another voltage in those coils). From here it got fun for me thinking about the possibilities. 1 if a small coil was placed between the rotor magnet and the inner coils, could I not run this like a meg using a small pulse once the rotor magnet is passed center canceling its attraction(it would only need to pulse a small pulse because then the out-swing of the magnet would be easier, because the farther the magnet gets away the less the pulse needs to be to repel so instead of a push...it would be a trigger pulse right after center to take away the attraction and momentum will do the rest) and letting it continue to spin. Also would that not also cause a voltage in both generator coil sets again, as one loop is broken and the outer one made again. It seems like it would to me. 2 I could run it like a normal generator with a drive motor that continuously makes and breaks the connection through force then you should get 4 pulses from every pole one positive and one negative, from the inner coils near the rotor and the outer coils. 3 Could I use it as a self driving motor using the energy created from the in-swing of the rotor to pulse the trigger coil during the out-swing and causing the return voltage in the outer coils then add it to the in-swing of the next magnet so the pulse is stronger, therefore driving it faster and faster?

One last thing I did differently in this motor. because there are 16 magnets on the rotor that will lock into place, it would be very hard to lock unlock all at the same time. So i used math to figure out how to put cores so that as one magnet is 1/2 way on the core the oppsite is 1/2 way off. along with 1/4 on 1/4 off 3/4 on 3/4 off. once i got it set up in my design the right way you can see that for the rotor to spin around one time 16 magnets go by every single pole in 1/4 width of the magnet steps. every time a magnet moves 1/4 of its width a core receives a pulse from the magnet set that is aligned coming in and the one aligned going out. (its pretty simple but incredibly hard to describe what i mean i will try to post pictures)
I have not decided what I will try first probably running it like a generator to at least prove it puts out radiant. As for the coils...I plan on doing what bedini does to "split the positive" (at least I think I have it right). For a while now I have had this simple statement in my head that I am trying to bring into this machine. To me "free energy" would have to be a "self-ordering" energy. By that I mean that the energy cannot be forced into or out of the load. I believe a true FE system would cause a potential that causes a force inside the load. Basically a voltage that never supplies current would cause a current in the connected load that attempts to equalize the potential by building a potential opposite it in the load. The way I think you do it is what I have come to understand bedini does in his back-emf motor. if you have counter wound coils (one cw and one c-cw) on each core looking at the kromrey you would have positive on both outside wires on top and both negative wires on the outside for the bottom coil. I picture this if the circuit basically goes positive negative positive-on the top and negative positive negative on the bottom (the middle polarity is the connections between coils) then when you hook up the top to bottom you make a broken voltage that when used collapses in on itself and never pushes or pulls from the generator side...nature pushes in on the load. well A-D-D is catching up to me and I am loosing my train of thought and can't think of anything I missed so please ask questions if I left something out or forgot it all together. Thank you for you time. Peace and freedom to all.

also I apologize if this is not very smooth of a post I have been editing it in word for weeks adding and taking out.